Harriet Has A Friend Wizard! No, Kidding Folks!

My name is Harriet Somners. I went to the park to just walk around the area. I have seen a mysterious person dressed as a wizard. I don’t know why he is dressed like that, because it isn’t Halloween yet. It’s the middle of September. He used his magic wand and turned the flower into a dog. The dog wanted to play. Once I turned my view the other way he comes calling out to me.

He wants to know what is a little girl doing going around in the park. I tell him that I am only cruising around the park. He accepted my reason. So, we walk around New York City looking at famous people in Central Park with the dog. He tells me all kinds of adventures. I became interested in his conversations.

I could learn much from a wizard. He mentioned that he has fought a dragon with his wand. First it was tough for him, but he prevailed. I told him when can I join him in his adventures.

“Very soon!” He tells me.

“Oh, can I meet your fiction characters?” I ask.

“Sure!” he said.

The dog went near me. I picked him up and started to walk with him. The wizard has turned the dog into a snake and I let it go of my fear from it.

He quickly turned it into a cat. So, I became happy that he did it. I don’t like snakes. I ask him if there is such a thing as the Yellow Brick Road and does Dorothy really exists.

“No!” he said.

All the famous people looked at us weird and we wondered why. I think it is because they haven’t seen a real wizard before.

“Don’t worry!!! All is well!!! I love all your talents from your entertainment celebrities!!!” I said to them all.

All the celebrities applauded.

So, once in a week I walk with the wizard and he tells me these wonderful stories from his fiction land. It’s so awesome talking to him.


I Love Animals!

My favorite animal is the dog. It helps you to cheer up, they care, and it protects you. I love animals. Some animals are harmless. I used to have around 35 hamsters in my home. I know that sounds bizarre, but it’s true. I had to give them for free to a pet store, because they was a nuisance to my family. I have seen and touched parrots, but you have to be careful to do so. You need to have a trainer with you to pet it. they can bite, and have large beaks, but they are friendly. Some people have pet snakes. It’s one animal I dislike the most. Anybody has different taste for different animals they like. My brother, his wife, and kids have dogs, and cats in their home. My mom brought me parakeets one day, and they sang beautifully. I don’t take care of pets at all. I am not very good at it. I just want to pet them and look at them. I also play with them. I think humans and animals almost think the same, but different. We can do more stuff then they can. They can do other stuff they we can’t. The best I love so far is the dog, because it understands us. They care for us if we’re in need. All kinds of animals if treated kindly can be kind towards you. Weirder things have happened. Of course, we have to be careful. It is just those who train animals that understand them. It is a big difference. A dog is easily your family pet, if you treat it right.


English: Galveston Island, TX, September 17, 2...

English: Galveston Island, TX, September 17, 2088 — Dogs displaced by Hurricane Ike are sheltered at the local center set up by the Humane Society. Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A dog is a man’s best friend. We always hear that saying all the time. I think they feel our emotions. They even love us and protect us. The would do anything to walk with us and play with us. Dogs are wonderful animals. They represent kindness. But, dogs are special in the category because they know how we feel. All they want is for us to be happy and all they want is for themselves to be happy. Obviously some people don’t want to touch dogs, simply because they don’t want to. They protect our home and are great friends to get along with. They communicate in ways of trying to help us. They want to be hugged and loved. I have had a dog as a pet. I cared for him, fed him, and walked with him. He was my best friend. Pets are great friends to be around with them. They keep you company anytime possible. Most dogs are trained by cops for catching criminals. They are also trained to sniff out drugs from criminals. These dogs make our lives living more easy. There are huge dogs and small dogs. However, any animal you want as a pet is fine, because it loves you back. We also love them back as well.

My Alien Pet Dog

English: Alien Jewelry. Take me to your leader...

English: Alien Jewelry. Take me to your leader Aliens arrived but the citizens of Earth were busy squabbling and fighting amongst themselves. No leader could be found that represented the planet so they went home again. Better luck next millennium earthlings. Sterling silver and torch fired enamels. 25x42mm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Braddock Waters wants an alien pet dog, and it’s cool with his parents. But, how are they going to take care of it, and feed it what? He looked at an alien magazine of alien animals and decided that having this kind of pet is cool. Me as a narrator thinks its cool for him also. But, the story is on Braddock not me.

So many of his friends have alien pet dogs and they already know how to take care of them. They keep giving it to animals to feed on. I think that light serves these alien dogs as drinks. You could have glue to serve them and they’ll actually love it. Me I don’t want an alien dog, but it seems that he wants one real badly.

The neat thing is that they can fly and drive UFO spaceships, but how are they going back to their pet owners at home? Simple they come back. Well, his parents drove him to the alien animal shelter and bought him an alien pet dog. You could see that this alien dog is cute and friendly, but it needs to be fed humans. They catch human bones and play with their pet owners of a game of catch.

Currently, I don’t play with alien animals and don’t consider the animals here on Earth to be aliens. Braddock is having a hell of a time with his new pet and named him Oscar. A common name for a human but to an alien dog as well.

The alien magazine he has shows him all kinds of planets and places he’s never seen where they were born. He wants to visit to all of those alien planets with Oscar. There are places there that he could have fun and make alien friends, so long as they don’t think of him as food.

We humans eat animals that are legal to eat, and those aliens eat humans. Aliens think we’re slaves for them and give them all their benefits. Braddock thinks they’re friendly and the aliens only want to be friendly with him.

He goes to planets like Mars and encounters aliens as being friendly to show all their activities there. His dog gets along with them, because he’s an alien too. Oscar grabbed his owner’s shirt and asked him if he could go to the alien dog funhouse. Braddock said sure we can and they went.

A weird story for me to be writing this you think? Yes it is.

Oscar gets along with the other alien dogs, and plays with them there. The place here freaks out Braddock a lot that he no longer wants to stay there, but he’s got no choice. His alien pet Oscar loves it there.

Narrator: I would hang out with aliens and don’t think they actually exist. If I encounter one the first thing I would do is run and stay away from it. Who knows where they’re going to take me as an experiment for them to test.

Braddock in my terms had the guts to buy an alien dog, go to these alien planets, and meet them. He hangs around watching his dog having fun with other alien dogs wondering if he can go back to Earth, because he’s bored to death of this alien lifestyle and this strange alien planet. But, there’s no convincing Oscar from going back to Earth.

In reality Braddock now is all bones because the alien dogs ate him and including his alien pet dog Oscar. And so both he longer exist.

Narrator: So much for a happy ending that never was!!!!! This is definitely a sad ending!!!!! If Braddock’s parents found out they’ll be saddened and depressed, which they wouldn’t know what to do.

His parents put Braddock and his alien pet dog missing all over the news in his home planet. They described both of them. Oscar will be remembered as the most respected alien family dog for the Walters family. And as for Braddock will be remembered that he never had any problems with Oscar.

The humans all over the world will sadly miss Braddock Walters and Oscar.

Narrator: How could this be Oscar the alien dog that loves his own owner? This can’t be. This story doesn’t make sense. You try to make a story like this, and you won’t know why you’ve wrote it.

Well, all the Earthlings in Earth will think of the two as friendly friends that never took advantage of each other. Braddock’s parents already miss him lots and wish that they both come back, but right now it’s an impossible task for that to happen.

Narrator: I think you’ve heard enough of this story and I don’t know what you think of it. For me I would forget I’ve ever read this. But, it was fun writing it. Hope you’ve had fun reading it.

If you like it let me know.

Wanted: The Cat


cat (Photo credit: Kenny Teo (zoompict))

The black and white striped cat was trapped in an alley against a ferocious pit-bull and is in danger of getting killed. The dog was ready to make mince meat out of the cat, but the cat has something that the dog hasn’t. The cat quickly concentrated on it’s eyes by making force and stared into the pit-bull’s eyes, than red lasers came out of the cat’s eyes into the dog’s eyes.

Suddenly the dog feels pain in its eyes and starts crying barking out loud, it’s soon started dying once he blew up in an explosion. Soon the pit-bull is dead into tiny pieces, and all that’s left was its bones, and the cat grabbed the leg bone of its dog and declared victory. The blood was all over the alley, but the cat is wanted because it once killed animals and humans with his laser eyes.

All the people of Los Angeles, California were terrified of this cat that they didn’t know where to go. The cat comfortably went where it pleases to go. Once it went to a fancy restaurant and ate some of the food inside the kitchen prepared for the humans. The chef was angry at the cat he went to grab him. But, the cat quickly saw the chef into his eyes and stared at him making him feel pain is his eyes and body. The other chefs quickly ran out and warned the visitors to get away from this evil cat.

The chef in charge inside the kitchen felt like he’s soon going to explode and then it happened there’s a blood bath in the chef’s kitchen. The cook called 911 for an emergency, but the cat was quickly gone. The nightmare ended for a while, but there’s more to come.

The cat felt like a king of this city and rightly so. The black and white striped cat saw a few dogs chasing him and didn’t budge. He stared into all the dogs’ eyes and killed them one-by-one. It looks like they’ve exploded with dynamites inside of them, but it’s the cat’s eyes that do the evil work. Soon there are no dogs in sight and what’s left is the blood spattered in all the walls, the body parts flown all over the place, and the bones on the floor broken piece-by-piece.

Later, the police investigated on this cat, and started to get information from people, and they’ve told them they’ve seen this cat before. The cops know what its eyes are capable of doing. They took this matter seriously and the cat soon is a wanted criminal.

The people of Los Angeles, California no longer had cat pets of their own, but those who have dogs are worried that this cat would kill their lovable pets.

The people went in vacation with frightening confrontations that they could face the cat once again. The cat was in vacation also walking along the Hollywood Hall of Fame where the celebrities have their names on the sidewalk. The cat wanted to kill some people along the way, and so he did along the way. Soon all the people taking their vacation ran for their lives.

The police force were there, because one actual person called them for emergency again. The black and white striped cat ran for his cover, but the police force went on chasing him. The cat has caused a lot of traffic accidents while running.

The police didn’t know what to do, because the cat threw laser beams with its eyes everywhere, but he once looked at a stranger with a gun that has a silencer. The cat was quickly scared. So the cat stared into his eyes, but the man didn’t stare back. So he put the silencer on the gun and shot the black and white striped cat several times. Soon the cat once is now dead and no longer a threat to anyone.

The stranger was called Ryan Hope, and he’s now in the further future the heroic legend of California. But, these Californians won’t count out a single cat that has evil eyes that could actually kill humans and animals.

And that’s the legend of the black and white striped cat.