Wanted: The Cat


cat (Photo credit: Kenny Teo (zoompict))

The black and white striped cat was trapped in an alley against a ferocious pit-bull and is in danger of getting killed. The dog was ready to make mince meat out of the cat, but the cat has something that the dog hasn’t. The cat quickly concentrated on it’s eyes by making force and stared into the pit-bull’s eyes, than red lasers came out of the cat’s eyes into the dog’s eyes.

Suddenly the dog feels pain in its eyes and starts crying barking out loud, it’s soon started dying once he blew up in an explosion. Soon the pit-bull is dead into tiny pieces, and all that’s left was its bones, and the cat grabbed the leg bone of its dog and declared victory. The blood was all over the alley, but the cat is wanted because it once killed animals and humans with his laser eyes.

All the people of Los Angeles, California were terrified of this cat that they didn’t know where to go. The cat comfortably went where it pleases to go. Once it went to a fancy restaurant and ate some of the food inside the kitchen prepared for the humans. The chef was angry at the cat he went to grab him. But, the cat quickly saw the chef into his eyes and stared at him making him feel pain is his eyes and body. The other chefs quickly ran out and warned the visitors to get away from this evil cat.

The chef in charge inside the kitchen felt like he’s soon going to explode and then it happened there’s a blood bath in the chef’s kitchen. The cook called 911 for an emergency, but the cat was quickly gone. The nightmare ended for a while, but there’s more to come.

The cat felt like a king of this city and rightly so. The black and white striped cat saw a few dogs chasing him and didn’t budge. He stared into all the dogs’ eyes and killed them one-by-one. It looks like they’ve exploded with dynamites inside of them, but it’s the cat’s eyes that do the evil work. Soon there are no dogs in sight and what’s left is the blood spattered in all the walls, the body parts flown all over the place, and the bones on the floor broken piece-by-piece.

Later, the police investigated on this cat, and started to get information from people, and they’ve told them they’ve seen this cat before. The cops know what its eyes are capable of doing. They took this matter seriously and the cat soon is a wanted criminal.

The people of Los Angeles, California no longer had cat pets of their own, but those who have dogs are worried that this cat would kill their lovable pets.

The people went in vacation with frightening confrontations that they could face the cat once again. The cat was in vacation also walking along the Hollywood Hall of Fame where the celebrities have their names on the sidewalk. The cat wanted to kill some people along the way, and so he did along the way. Soon all the people taking their vacation ran for their lives.

The police force were there, because one actual person called them for emergency again. The black and white striped cat ran for his cover, but the police force went on chasing him. The cat has caused a lot of traffic accidents while running.

The police didn’t know what to do, because the cat threw laser beams with its eyes everywhere, but he once looked at a stranger with a gun that has a silencer. The cat was quickly scared. So the cat stared into his eyes, but the man didn’t stare back. So he put the silencer on the gun and shot the black and white striped cat several times. Soon the cat once is now dead and no longer a threat to anyone.

The stranger was called Ryan Hope, and he’s now in the further future the heroic legend of California. But, these Californians won’t count out a single cat that has evil eyes that could actually kill humans and animals.

And that’s the legend of the black and white striped cat.


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  1. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!

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