Nature Is The Best

I love nature. I love animals. Nature is the greatest thing to experience. You can look at flowers, plants, or see animals playing with each other. You can water the garden in your front and back yard. In this way the plants won’t die off thirst for water. You can also give them plant food from the stores they sell. Looking at dolphins is the best. You see them swimming having fun with their friends. Most animals play with humans. Studying about space is one thing normal to have fun with. You can learn a lot from astronomy. You can learn much from science. Most trees live longer than us, and others don’t. Organisms live longer than us and than anybody. They are little tiny animals we will never see them, but know they are there. There is a lot to learn from nature and you can even enjoy it. Nature is always the best to enjoy.


The book That I was Always Looking for

The book that took me a very long time to look for me to have it now. The book is Principia Mathematica written by Isaac Newton. Don’t think that I was crazy of what I am going to say. It took me many years to own this book. I read and watch shows a lot about astronomy and this book was mentioned many times in most astronomy and science shows. I tried to get this book like more than 20 years, but I finally found it. I paid for it and now own it. I can’t wait to read it. This book I will keep forever. This is the book that I think that modernized astronomy and brought it more wide open to find out about the subject. I am happy today. I got it a few days ago.

Pluto Coming Into Focus

It’s been 9.5 years flight through space that New Horizons has flown to Pluto. Through flying by the planet they have successfully captured its view of it by New Horizons. They have detected the planet’s atmosphere, which is nitrogen. New Horizons has confirmed the existence of a polar cap on its planet. It consists mostly of methane and nitrogen ices. In a few hours there will be the most important close-encounter of observations by downlink of NASA. The pace of discoveries by New Horizons will quicken over the next few days once it flies past the distant world.

My Point of View on Astronomy and God

Most scientists say to understand God is to understand and know astronomy. We go into the deep cores of him. I always love astronomy. I think this view is correct. I know that some other people don’t agree with this, but it is very hard to understand astronomy. You have to read many astronomy books, study it, and watch many astronomy shows and movies. Some will tell me that this is the wrong answer, but it is the correct one. If most scientists say it is this way, then they are correct. God is science and astronomy. No matter how ridiculous it sounds to some. It doesn’t to me.

Watching the Moon

I used to have a telescope. My parents gave it to me for Christmas a long time ago. I never knew how to work with it fully. I understood some things how I could use it. I never understood the alignments I needed to use it for. Anyway, I saw the moon many times. It was the only thing I could watch, except for the stars. My neighborhood was full of lights and there was no clearance to see the universe. To see everything in the night sky you need to go somewhere where there is no neighborhood and have chances to see all things in space. But, the moon was beautiful to watch. You could see the craters and how close it is from us. I showed the moon to my family looking in the telescope. So, the stars and the moon were the only things I could watch. Sadly, I left the telescope outside by mistake during hurricane season and the hurricane blew it away destroying it. Me and my dad threw it away. But, it was fun watching the moon.

We Don’t Really Know The Universe’s Age

Most scientists tell us how old the universe is. In fact there are many universes. The age projection of the universes by scientists are just theories. Don’t worry how old our universe is. Of course, the big bang started it all. We think we know how old it is, but it is only speculations. They measure the universe in a different way we don’t know how. I think it is better to enjoy its beauty. The fact is I am warning you not to go to space without an astronaut suit. Sure it is pretty, but it is also deadly. Humans without a suit in space can die for hours, or even for three days to happen. Anyway you look at it you won’t last. We assume how old it is, but it is better to view it, or reading of it. There are so many interesting theories about it. So, don’t come out telling people how old it is, because all of us don’t really know.

What I Am Reading 2…

This year I am reading The Hunger Games: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, The Godfather by Mario Puzo, and an astronomy book called Before The Big Bang by Brian Clegg. I am in the middle of the novel of Mockingjay. I am starting to wonder at first if Katniss Everdeen will ever survive against The Capitol? Is she going to live or die? Are Katniss and Peeta love interests? Will The Capitol ever be conquered? These are my top concerns. Please don’t spoil it by telling me, because I want to know when I’m finished reading it. The Godfather I already know what happens throughout the novel. I am throughout the middle and reading it the second time. The book Before The Big Bang is about what was there before the big bang started. I am also reading The Shining by Stephen King… and of course writing reference books.

Major Milestone In The Search For Water On Distant Planets

Neptune-sized planet crosses in front of its star in the constellation Cygnus. Astronomers have found the blue part of the planet’s rim due to scattered light. The planet is 4 times bigger than the Earth. What they found in it is water vapor and hydrogen in the atmosphere of an exoplanet HAT P-11b. This planet could sustain life.

Alien Planets With Live Species

I think that alien planets with living species do exists, and that there will be other life-forms after us. The galaxy revolves around us. Another theory might be that there won’t ever be life again like this one no longer. It is a scary fact, but I disallow it from believing it ever ends. It might be true. My belief is that there will be another new civilization after us humans, and animals. I don’t have any idea how they will look like, and how the planet will shape up. Anyways we won’t be there to witness it, and we won’t even feel it. We won’t even notice it from happening. There are many universes around space. Space is huge. The universe is expanding, and than it will implode. Everyone knows that, and we will be experiencing black holes digging us deep. They will stretch us until we’re like spaghetti, and than we’ll be into pieces of particles separated. I believe that the other planets we don’t know have living things, which are enjoying life just like we are. They have wars like we do, and some living things out there are accomplishing their dreams to come true, just like we are. Why can’t we believe this? This isn’t so hard to think about. Most people do think about these things sometimes. We needn’t be afraid of the end. The only good thing that might come out of it is there will be a new civilization on another planet. I don’t think that our home planet Earth is the only one with living species out there. There are more planets to explore. Maybe, we probably will get lucky finding those aliens we’ve talked about for decades.