We Don’t Really Know The Universe’s Age

Most scientists tell us how old the universe is. In fact there are many universes. The age projection of the universes by scientists are just theories. Don’t worry how old our universe is. Of course, the big bang started it all. We think we know how old it is, but it is only speculations. They measure the universe in a different way we don’t know how. I think it is better to enjoy its beauty. The fact is I am warning you not to go to space without an astronaut suit. Sure it is pretty, but it is also deadly. Humans without a suit in space can die for hours, or even for three days to happen. Anyway you look at it you won’t last. We assume how old it is, but it is better to view it, or reading of it. There are so many interesting theories about it. So, don’t come out telling people how old it is, because all of us don’t really know.