Think On Your Life

English: ATLANTIC OCEAN (June 2, 2007) - An F/...

English: ATLANTIC OCEAN (June 2, 2007) – An F/A-18C Hornet assigned to the Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 37 performs a supersonic pass as part of the air power demonstration during the Friends and Family Day Cruise aboard Nimitz-Class aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75). Sailors brought their friends and family aboard Truman so they could experience a day in the life of a Sailor. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Ricardo Reyes (RELEASED) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I always think about celebrities I don’t know personally. And forget the most important people, my family and friends in Miami,Fl. We always get caught up on nonsense and buy all kinds of junk we want, but we forget the most important thing your life. Life is more important, and thinks about talking about your family and friends that will always be there with you. We need to talk normal, and think about our close ones. It happens many times that we want to talk about life and friends who have done this and that. I think it is time to live life in a reality mode, and talk about the places you have been also. We should laugh at the funny things we do and say. Maybe, there was a moment when your family member or friend got married or when he or she has jumped 75 feet down from the sky strapped with ropes, and safety belts. Think about those things, and talk serious to your family and friends, but stop joking around so much. We all know you are a kidder, but don’t exaggerate too much. Look at the beauty of our planet, or maybe see animals around, and planes flying in the sky. Read about other things such as nature or pick up a science magazine you wanted to know about the unified theory. Be interested about those things like astronomy, photography, and etc. Entertainment isn’t the only thing you’ll be hooked on. We all should tend to our friends and loved ones. Especially our parents who care deeply so much for us. All people love talking about life. Use your smarts to do these things like talking about your friends and family. Believe me you’ll feel much better, and normal when you do these things.


Life is Patience

Patience (George Michael album)

Patience (George Michael album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How many times have we been broken hearted by the end of the results of our lives? Many. I think we all tend to think that everything we do will turn out positive, but some things don’t turn out this way. On the other hand the other stuff does turn out positive. Maybe you should  consider the other positive things in your life, rather than the negatives. In life you can out beat those kinds of people good or bad. It’s just a way of life. But, be patient there will be a time that everything will turn out as you hoped for. It takes life lessons, and you should go them small steps until you get to the big steps, and then there’s the conclusion steps. Figure what did happen wrong, and trust me than you’ll learn from your mistakes of life experiences. The things that have happened won’t change and it will stay there forever. I think you must stop the sobbing, and try to be happy for once. There are other people who have real serious problems than you do. Remember this, and try to see the world from another perspective.

On Troubled Writers

There are many writers who where troubled in their lives, and one has come to mention. Have you ever heard of Ernest Hemingway? I bet you have. He’s one of the writers who have gotten troubled. I don’t pay much attention to those, and only would rather read their books. Sometimes when a writer goes into something they aren’t supposed to be in it messes up their lives. The smart writer is the one who goes does their thing and minds their  own business. Truman Capote was into trouble writing a novel called In Cold Blood, and has paid dearly for it. These kinds of problems never go away. He went to the thief’s cell, and started interviewing him. He also started cussing and making fun of famous people while being drunk. He was also a controversial figure. Most writers just write books, and go away from these illegal problems. These writers have had shares of their problems probably on their childhoods. Sometimes they get bad publicity. I think by having a healthy writing lifestyle and healthy life is best. Not every writer lives in comfort, because of their lives having complicated problems. There were still more writers who have had troubled lives, and those I’ve mentioned were a few of them.


We all want to gain something when to succeed in events. Our hearts are strong when we have morals in life we are being taught from our life experiences. All people hate to lose, but losing with pride is something else. For example when you run a marathon, and are the seventeenth person in line running at least you are running for a purpose. In that purpose is pride that you have participated, even though you have lost. Pride carries inspiration to strive better the next year round. Being proud that you have tried to win a football game is something. Doing nothing is the worse you can have on your resume. Trying your hardest to get the best results in science, but got second place in the event is something to think of it as pride. Pride is in many things that you participate, because the next time you are going to be a winner. We all want to be winners, but learning from pride comes first. The negatives in the careers of our lives make us better for the next time to do better. So many famous people have had failures when they began, but they have always thought of pride that turned around their careers of becoming successful. I think in order to compete you must feel like a winner. Help each other out to become better persons, than the results will be wonderful.

In Order to Live Life be Happy

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Official logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people love to live in misery and they drag some of us there by tormenting us. Don’t be those kinds of people. Be kind to others, and live positive. I mean your whole life is ahead of you, and you can do anything you want. Enrich your life by making friends to strangers who are friendly, and don’t invite anyone who is bad. My advice is to always be happy, and nothing negative on anything just you. It makes you look bad tormenting yourself. We all have had problems, and overcome them. It’s time to fight back against your negativity. In order to do that you must feel good about yourself, and think that you can’t control things in other places, and only in the place where you are. Accept the people who think different than you, and think for yourself. Remember no one will change you. You yourself can only make the positive change. Age doesn’t matter, just as long as you are happy. Find something entertaining to watch, do or read. I bet there are shows you would want to watch on TV or play basketball with friends at a school near you. If you are over 30 and love to watch The Disney Channel don’t be ashamed by it. I mean there are some people who watch it also over the age of 30. Find a concept that will make you happy, and be a role model to your children. Someday you are going to tell the same things to your children as well. Be that person, and be the happy person. Live your life to the fullest. You are not getting any younger, but older. God sent you to enjoy life with  others around you.

Stuff Happens

Stan Lee

Stan Lee (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Think of it as you are expecting a high raise from your new job, but in return you get a small amount of money you have never expected. All of these things happen. You think that you are going to get the whole piece of the pie in the world, but the other side you ignore, suddenly come to a reality. Don’t worry it all happens to all of us. When we think of dating a beautiful girl, then she dates someone else. Your spirit suddenly breaks, and you think that no longer can recover from it. Of course, you can recover from anything. Think of it this way, whenever reality hits you across the side of your face, think of it, as if you have experience from it, and you can have something way better. Expecting something huge is a tall task to order. It has happened to me many times, and so it did to you. You have to think of it that there will be many opportunities you could succeed from. This sin’t your last straw from a needle in a haystack, but there are many second chances in life. At any age you can achieve anything you have always wanted. One example is Stan Lee the co-creator form Marvel Comics. although the movies from his beginning career have failed, which he rebounded at his older stages in life became one of the most successful superhero comic’s movies ever. Marvel Comics are now the most powerful comic company in the world. See! This can be you in any field you choose, and even in life you can prevail also. The most important thing to believe is belief in you. You have to have faith my friend. I have faith in mine.