No Evidence Of Aliens Yet

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Throughout history we’ve been told that we’re been visited by aliens a long time ago, and they’ve helped shape our civilization. Are we any different from them? Will they come back? I don’t know what to say, but I think that they actually do exist. The alien encounters are long histories of history. Most of us keep ourselves skeptical, and think of it as rubbish. If we meet tem we’ll be frightened out of shock and lost for words. Scientists say that we have evidence of aliens were here on Earth. But, can we believe that there’s evidence we haven’t seen? I don’t know what to tell you, but try to believe it. We come to the cold hard facts of reality that there’s nothing out there in the universe. Ancient people in ancient history in our pasts thought they have seen divinities of Gods, demigods, angels, and demons. They were the same aliens themselves portrayed as. Again we don’t want to believe it and only think that there’s only one God that shaped our civilization. Do I need to be brief? Everyone would think so. Most people would think that I’ve wasted my time writing about no realities. My fans would laugh as of saying my fiction doesn’t fit to their reality of their lives in our universe. We’re skeptical of this situation and concept. Children would be frightened if we talk about it, and we should let only adults talk about this topic. People won’t ever talk about it, because it is simply silly to them. People know what to think of the universe. But, what do they know about their own reality, and what do we know of the real reality? My guess is I don’t know, because this won’t be resolved anytime in the near future, but perhaps in the further future. This story has been told way before me, and way before us. In Mars we know that Martians don’t exist, and only organisms live there. Most people would tell you to stick with the reality we now have and come back to reality. My mom and I would think so. But, what do we know of making ourselves sane because of not talking about it? I don’t know anything to this question. But, most people would tell you they already know and it’s a no-brainer for them and us. Scientists lay out some of the questions out there unanswered, and left out. We leave them out there, because we don’t want to be cast as fools by finding evidence. Most people think the evidence found of aliens in other planets are made up by skeptics. Do we really know? Ask yourself that same question. Do you think talking about aliens is silly? Ask yourself that last question, also. It all comes down to the realities of life. You can believe what you want to believe. But, most of us already think that the evidence is clear of no aliens existing in the universe. The odds of thinking about it of the next generation may surprise you.


Kids Are Human Beings Too

English: Stay stable riding a bike at slow spe...

English: Stay stable riding a bike at slow speeds. Perfect for kids learning to ride a two wheeler or adults looking for a high-stability biking solution. See the Wikipedia:Gyrobike article and see videos of the Gyrobike at YouTube]. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now you know that kids are human beings. They feel the same way like we adults do. We all carry different feelings in different ways. However, the age gap is huge between adults and kids. But, they have emotions just like we do and can hurt easily just like us, too. By making kids happy you need to be their role model. They are sometimes right on the things we did wrong. They will tell you what that is by not doing it again. Kids are special people. The only difference is that adults work and kids play all the time. However, kids know that they’ll be working in jobs once they are adults, too. Trust them with the same respect as you do towards adults like you. Remember they are on the curiosity side of wanting to know everything, but you need to be careful. So, don’t tell them the whole truths of things. Only grown ups have to keep things that are for adults to themselves. Instead talk in their language. They will catch up and understand this. Remember kids want to live happy just as much as we adults want to too.

Be Your Own Problem Solver

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think that it is better to solve your own problems. If you solve many strangers’ problems they won’t help you at all. Some do; however, but it’s rare. Think about your life and solve the problems that you have in front of you. If you don’t drive and want to learn, then do it without any fuss. You are going to have problems along the way, even if you don’t want them. Choose to be kind and noble. Stand up for yourself, and don’t let anyone bully you. You are going to have bullies in your early years. It’s up to you to solve this problem on your own or with someone’s help. We are on a journey adventure of what is called life. It has a messy side along with a decent side. Some people will trick you to do the things you don’t want to do. They will force you to do bad things and it will be your fault, if you don’t tell on them. Your parents are the most trusting, and loving people. They are your friends. They are the two most trusted, and caring people in your life. Growing is difficult, but the growing pains you’ll learn to adjust. There will be times when someone’s problems will be your fault for no reason. This is the time you need to tell the truth to your teacher or coach. When people do bad stuff they aren’t very good liars, but some are. This is rare. However, don’t hide your truths, and don’t let this happen to you. Figure out a way to solve your problems or ask someone to help you. When you have a serious problem solve it, and it won’t take one day to solve it takes a while. Most people have problems like building a car model as a hobby, learning English, and deciding to get a job. Jobs are real hard to do, but you have your brain to work with on this. Being a problem solver will help your life. We all hate problems, but they go away once they are solved.

Are We The Only Species?

Aliens (film)

Aliens (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t think at all that we are the only species, and I may believe that  there are intelligent life smarter then us out there. You can say whatever you like about it whether you are a believer or a skeptic. You may be surprised in the future of the results, the scientists might discover out there. I am not telling you to explore science, and I am just saying that this idea might become fact probably sooner, or later, or it may never be. Who knows? Right? It may surprise you. Aliens have been the most talked about subject in science, and most of us discard it. We should think of it in terms about you shouldn’t judge whether they do, or not exists. They may be saying the same thing about us. It’s true that we don’t have evidence yet, and this is silly to talk about. How do you know whether silly or serious talking about the existence of aliens is? They may be searching for us, and thinking if human existence does exist or not. This is a delicate subject, and it has touched the very reality of our investigations, and research on it. If you don’t want to concern yourself on this, then don’t, if you do then do. However, you can base your opinion on either one of the two beliefs. Most people have been poking fun about aliens as a joke. I think until we know if they are friendly or not, then we know what we need to do. What I believe about aliens is that there are good and evil aliens on many sides. There has been much studying about them, but we can’t judge yet whether they want to rule our planet, or come at peace. You don’t know until it is realized. Right now you shouldn’t be concern about it. Right this minute it’s only talks, and theories. These aren’t facts yet, and there are only ideas. One other thing is that we don’t really know how they look like, until we see them in person.

Freedom Comes With Smarts

Man thinking on a train journey.

Man thinking on a train journey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you want to be free to do anything, then you have to accept people’s decisions, and choices. There are some people that don’t want to live our freedom. Some people hate us, but I don’t even think about it. I think if some people hate us they start to lose everything. Use your smarts to be able to do anything your mind desires. Some people use their wits for stupid little things, and other for being the evil person by owning you. My way of thinking is friendly. I don’t let anyone control my mind, and could care less of people going against me. You should think this way too. We all are big enough to do whatever we want. When we want to do things we want, and what to decide some get mad at us for it. These people are ignorant, and when they refer to you fight back. You should also defend yourself. These people have nothing on you, as they have nothing on me. Accept people for who they are. If you want freedom use your wits by outsmarting them. Feel free to decide on any person you like to be friends with. Choose by voting for a president or not voting for a president. If you don’t want to vote on anything, then it’s no problem at all. Your decisions, rights, freedoms, and liberties are yours only. Don’t ever pay attention to the jokers for some are evil. Ignore them, and live your life. Who knows maybe they already have miserable lives, and will end up this way through their entire lives. Plus the thing is you don’t have to do anything, but enjoy life. Again. Live Prosper. Love. Freedom. Be Good Towards Each Other. Peace. Liberty.

The Bad Thinking Affects You, But No One Else

Green Thought Bubbles

Green Thought Bubbles (Photo credit: iNkMan_)

We all have had thoughts about people we said bad about, but they didn’t even know it. I think in this case if you say bad things about other people, it doesn’t affect them, but only you. The other person doesn’t even feel it, whether they are bad or good. Your thinking has to feel positive and optimistic. Everyone had these problems before, but some take it way over the edge. Stop blaming people of the past, and let it go. When you do procrastinate, you wake up the next day not feeling well, but negative. Some people feel bad about their lives. I don’t blame you. The thing is you have to let it go, and start a new life for yourself. Forget about whatever is bothering you, and watch your favorite team trying to win games. Do the positive things, and stop procrastinating. We writers hate procrastinators. We want to hear about good things. We don’t want to hear about your problems. I’d rather hear about the good things in your life. I for one love my life, and have positive days, regardless of what else happens. You need to help your brain to stay on the right path, and it is your responsibility to show your kids of being a role model. Don’t be a procrastinator. Be a role model. Be kind to each other. Love. Peace. Freedom.

Life is Patience

Patience (George Michael album)

Patience (George Michael album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How many times have we been broken hearted by the end of the results of our lives? Many. I think we all tend to think that everything we do will turn out positive, but some things don’t turn out this way. On the other hand the other stuff does turn out positive. Maybe you should  consider the other positive things in your life, rather than the negatives. In life you can out beat those kinds of people good or bad. It’s just a way of life. But, be patient there will be a time that everything will turn out as you hoped for. It takes life lessons, and you should go them small steps until you get to the big steps, and then there’s the conclusion steps. Figure what did happen wrong, and trust me than you’ll learn from your mistakes of life experiences. The things that have happened won’t change and it will stay there forever. I think you must stop the sobbing, and try to be happy for once. There are other people who have real serious problems than you do. Remember this, and try to see the world from another perspective.