James Brady (1940-2014)

James Scott “Jim” Brady was an assistant to the President and White House Secretary under U.S. President Ronald Reagan. He was almost killed, and became disabled, during the result of the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan in 1981. He was a supporter of gun control. The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act was named in his honor (formerly known as “The Brady Bill”). He was chair of the Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence, known formerly as Handgun Control Inc. He died on August 4, 2014. He was 73 years old. R.I.P. James Brady

Freedom Comes With Smarts

Man thinking on a train journey.

Man thinking on a train journey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you want to be free to do anything, then you have to accept people’s decisions, and choices. There are some people that don’t want to live our freedom. Some people hate us, but I don’t even think about it. I think if some people hate us they start to lose everything. Use your smarts to be able to do anything your mind desires. Some people use their wits for stupid little things, and other for being the evil person by owning you. My way of thinking is friendly. I don’t let anyone control my mind, and could care less of people going against me. You should think this way too. We all are big enough to do whatever we want. When we want to do things we want, and what to decide some get mad at us for it. These people are ignorant, and when they refer to you fight back. You should also defend yourself. These people have nothing on you, as they have nothing on me. Accept people for who they are. If you want freedom use your wits by outsmarting them. Feel free to decide on any person you like to be friends with. Choose by voting for a president or not voting for a president. If you don’t want to vote on anything, then it’s no problem at all. Your decisions, rights, freedoms, and liberties are yours only. Don’t ever pay attention to the jokers for some are evil. Ignore them, and live your life. Who knows maybe they already have miserable lives, and will end up this way through their entire lives. Plus the thing is you don’t have to do anything, but enjoy life. Again. Live Prosper. Love. Freedom. Be Good Towards Each Other. Peace. Liberty.

My Shadow Is Missing?!?!

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My name is Alvin Sharp and I am an unhappy individual. I found out that my shadow is missing. I don’t know how it faded away from me. When I walk at stores, supermarkets, theaters, and malls people always look strangely behind me. I look back and I no longer have my own shadow. I try to bring it back by going to science, math, and P.E. classes, but to no avail. The night I have slept I kept thinking about my shadow. It has always been there for me in whatever I have done all my life. Right now I am trying to live without it. But, there were some shows that were interested in interviewing me, because of me having no shadow they have found it amusing, and curious. I have said yes to my parents to let me guest star in those talk shows. I was in talk shows like The Ellen show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, and others. They wanted to know all about my shadow of why it is missing. I have met these talk show hosts, and they were friendly to me. After that I have felt happy, and positive. In all of a sudden people saw me with proud faces at me, and then, and there my shadow came back. I have found out by being happy, and positive my shadow has come back. My shadow has accepted me, and have many friends in my neighborhood, because of the results back then from this previous problem.