The World Upside Down

If you probably have heard what happened in the news, then you know by now. I know that we fear for our safety going out in public.

But, we still have to live our lives happy and optimistic. I think that you should take your mind off the problems we are facing in the present. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t talk and think about it. I mean to talk about entertainment and life.

Somehow, we will get through all these serious problems. Someday this world will be a place without problems. I know that this will be resolved and what I have recently said might not be realistic. But, it is something positive to think of our world that is upside down right now.

All I am saying is to live your life and be happy. Everything will be sorted out. Be happy, don’t worry!


My Writing Improvement

This week I have been watching videos on how to write poetry, and understand the types of poem. I am improving a lot. I also have been watching videos on how to write stories and novels. I am starting to be familiar with both subjects. I am still learning. I am on a writing adventure.

I write every day. I practice all the time. I am getting to know more about writing and poetry. I learn through YouTube. There are poetry and writing videos. A fun educational experience.

Youth Innocence

I think that Youth Innocence is something where you don’t judge people. It is when children are learning from right or wrong, however intentional, or unintentional bad things they did. It is just simply not taking revenge on anyone, however good, or bad it is the revenge. I think living the simplest times is better. We all create stupid decisions when we are kids, and young adults, but we don’t really mean them.

I think some people get carried away from problems that certain nice people have created, and they think that it is time to take revenge on them, but in a good way. Remember, never take revenge on anyone, even if it is the good way, or bad way. If you do, then something will be taken away from you, without even realizing it. Youth innocence is trying to figure to be good, and figuring out to do the good things by God.

I think that Youth Innocence shouldn’t be judged and taken revenge upon it. But, sadly there are people that do this in a good way. I have no clue why. I think of what happened in the past is past tense. The way I say Past Tense is that it doesn’t hurt us anymore, so in this way we think of living the happy life without using revenge in any shape and form.

People want to start over. Most people have learned from their past problems. I think by being united we can finally understand why God put us here, but some people don’t want to understand that. I don’t know why. But, it is what it is.

Think of your good mental health and choose the path to God. Live your life as if it is of Youth Innocence. This is a better way to view of the world, then that dirty word ‘revenge: ‘(good+bad)’. Think of adding a new chapter to your life. I think that Youth Innocence will help you out. It will make you into a healthy adult. Think twice about what you are going to do, or attempting to do. You’ll finally understand that people want you to hear their stories from their side of it.

Live the life to the fullest. Be happy, optimistic, proud, and positive. There is an angel for each person who acts of the kindness of God. Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤ Peace and Freedom!