My Writing Improvement

This week I have been watching videos on how to write poetry, and understand the types of poem. I am improving a lot. I also have been watching videos on how to write stories and novels. I am starting to be familiar with both subjects. I am still learning. I am on a writing adventure.

I write every day. I practice all the time. I am getting to know more about writing and poetry. I learn through YouTube. There are poetry and writing videos. A fun educational experience.

2 thoughts on “My Writing Improvement

  1. hello Raul, it’s Michael Casey the fat silver haired writer in shades from Birmingham England. If you think one of my books would be of interest to you just let me know and I’ll email one to any email you provide. Glad you finished your course on writing, I learnt everything the hard way myself. 33 years now since I started to write. Anyway I hope you are SAFE in USA, no Covid, nor riots nor storms.
    Stay Happy, and Healthy.
    Michael Casey
    here’s a joke
    what does mc=4C mean?

    it means Michael Casey = 4 Chinese people

    because I used to weigh as much as my 2 daughters and my old wife
    plus the mother in law
    hence mc=4C

    you should use this joke on Maths people, and when they fail to get the answer they have to buy you a MacDonalds or a BUD whichever you prefer

    stay happy.
    p.s. Barry White is great and the TRIBIT speaker on Amazon is a cheap and really good speaker.

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