My Favorite Martina McBride song is…

My favorite Martina McBride song is: In My Daughter’s Eyes


June 19, 2018

Today I was studying grammar. I did good in the quizzes and learned very much. I understand it more. Phrasal verbs are always the most difficult and you can say the same thing with parallelism. Somehow, I know more about the phrasal verbs and don’t have any problems with it anymore. I am glad that I am familiar with it. All I need to be familiar with, which is more difficult are: parallelism and compound/compound complex/simple sentences. They will always be the hardest lessons every time.

I feel happy today and am optimistic. I have had a good day today.

Throughout the whole day I was watching The 2018 World Cup. The most interesting games was Russia v. Egypt. Yesterday I liked the England v. Tunisia game. They were entertaining and fun games to watch. England won and Russia won.

I was reading Star Wars throughout the day.

I think I will study more grammar.

Well, my friends, have a great week! Be safe! Be nice! Be courteous! Show respect! Don’t be like The Joker or Harley Quinn in real life! No fooling around! Share your interests with nice friends! No bullying decent people! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤