Shattered Mirror

Hill touches the mirror and immediately gets drowned inside of it by falling in its glass, tears up the majority of his skin loses all his blood. The negative emotions well up inside him. He keeps screaming, but no one hears him. The body parts rip apart like a torn-up toy. He is now dead, but his body parts keep falling. A real life nightmare that tore up his entire life.

He is now dropping into a mirror trash bag filled with tons of mirror broken glasses. It is such a pity. Hill is now the collection of the mirror.

Life is Great

Don’t take life for granted if your past experiences didn’t turn out good. Instead it got sour. The world is filled with many second chances.

Maybe it will be great this time around. Be happy and optimistic about your life. Don’t feel depressed. Feel happy. Be nice.

Think that the world is beautiful and wonderful. You will get your chance at a happy life. I am thinking optimistic and happy. Be happy and positive. Life is great and awesome.

Be True to Yourself

Be yourself by not being anyone else. Be you of your true self. Your first name and your last name represent who you really are. You are a good person. Don’t let any bully bother you for the rest of your life. Stand up to your bully and overcome them. Be yourself and be happy!