My Memoir

Today I am relaxing at home. I did all my house chores. I was studying my online class. I am doing good in my online class called, Writing for Children. I am having fun learning how to write children’s novels. It is my last online class.

I am here thinking about my good memories. I like my life.

I was listening to smooth jazz. I am busy with my last class. Well, my friends, enjoy the weekend! Behave, or else! Love and peace to you all ❣️🙏

Doing The House Errands

What I am planning to do is wash my parents’ cars. I will be doing housework throughout this week.

I will be hanging out in my backyard sometime this week by myself.

Well, my friends, have a great weekend! Behave, or else! Love and peace to you all! ❤️🙂

Never Think of Revenge

Most young people think foolish enough that Revenge is the answer for everything, but it is never for everything in life. The sad part is that they think so once they’re adults and stay thinking that way. We can’t depend on anyone, but ourselves. Be smart enough not to take Revenge on anyone. Think about it. Think twice.