My Memoir

Today I am practicing writing how to write stories and poetry. I am relaxed at my home with the quiet surrounding me. It is all I need for right now.

An hour later I will be listening to smooth jazz. I will keep on writing again.

Have a great week, everyone! 🙂 ❤


Hover has his life ruined. He doesn’t have any idea how to fix it. He feels depressed all through his life. Mom and dad try to cheer him up. He is still sad. Hover went out to go somewhere.

He is crying. His tears come out as blood red. It is his blood red tears. The strangers still watch him pour out blood tears. He can’t get out of the funk. Some of them try to help him, but to no avail. He gets weaker and weaker.

The sidewalk, walls, and grass get painted blood red. Hover is very sad. He is all skin and bones. It doesn’t look as if he has meat and blood in his body. It got all drained out from his system. He still pours out red tears. They witness him dying from his blood tears.

Suddenly, everything on the floor gets painted in blood. Hover’s body is dropped to the ground. He is dead. people cry, and mourn his death. They feel sorry for him.

What I Want

I want to win more first places in writing contests. I will win them. I am patient. It will happen. I believe in myself. I will make it happen. I really do want to win first places. I will achieve them. It will come true.