On Getting Spider-Man Rebooted The Right Way

I saw all of the new Spiderman movies from Marvel comics. I think that Spider-Man 1, and 2, were awesome. I am not pleased of the last movie of the series Spider-Man 3. I thought of it as sloppy drama and action. The other two new Spiderman movies were okay, but the rebooted series has ended quickly. Now they are going to do another reboot of Spider-Man. I hope they get it right. The characters have to have a purpose in the next series. I think that Spiderman needs a new make-over. Spiderman is a cool superhero. My take on it is they would’ve made it better from its originality, like they did in another superhero movie called Batman(1989). In the new decade DC comics perfected Batman. I hope they do the same to Spiderman. I think the director and executive producer needs to go back from scratch. Don’t get me wrong I love all the old Spiderman movies. I think they are cool! I just think it is time that the staff of Marvel Studios need to get it right this time in order for it to be a successful Spiderman trilogy series.