The Bad Thinking Affects You, But No One Else

Green Thought Bubbles

Green Thought Bubbles (Photo credit: iNkMan_)

We all have had thoughts about people we said bad about, but they didn’t even know it. I think in this case if you say bad things about other people, it doesn’t affect them, but only you. The other person doesn’t even feel it, whether they are bad or good. Your thinking has to feel positive and optimistic. Everyone had these problems before, but some take it way over the edge. Stop blaming people of the past, and let it go. When you do procrastinate, you wake up the next day not feeling well, but negative. Some people feel bad about their lives. I don’t blame you. The thing is you have to let it go, and start a new life for yourself. Forget about whatever is bothering you, and watch your favorite team trying to win games. Do the positive things, and stop procrastinating. We writers hate procrastinators. We want to hear about good things. We don’t want to hear about your problems. I’d rather hear about the good things in your life. I for one love my life, and have positive days, regardless of what else happens. You need to help your brain to stay on the right path, and it is your responsibility to show your kids of being a role model. Don’t be a procrastinator. Be a role model. Be kind to each other. Love. Peace. Freedom.