We all want to gain something when to succeed in events. Our hearts are strong when we have morals in life we are being taught from our life experiences. All people hate to lose, but losing with pride is something else. For example when you run a marathon, and are the seventeenth person in line running at least you are running for a purpose. In that purpose is pride that you have participated, even though you have lost. Pride carries inspiration to strive better the next year round. Being proud that you have tried to win a football game is something. Doing nothing is the worse you can have on your resume. Trying your hardest to get the best results in science, but got second place in the event is something to think of it as pride. Pride is in many things that you participate, because the next time you are going to be a winner. We all want to be winners, but learning from pride comes first. The negatives in the careers of our lives make us better for the next time to do better. So many famous people have had failures when they began, but they have always thought of pride that turned around their careers of becoming successful. I think in order to compete you must feel like a winner. Help each other out to become better persons, than the results will be wonderful.

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