Stuff Happens

Stan Lee

Stan Lee (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Think of it as you are expecting a high raise from your new job, but in return you get a small amount of money you have never expected. All of these things happen. You think that you are going to get the whole piece of the pie in the world, but the other side you ignore, suddenly come to a reality. Don’t worry it all happens to all of us. When we think of dating a beautiful girl, then she dates someone else. Your spirit suddenly breaks, and you think that no longer can recover from it. Of course, you can recover from anything. Think of it this way, whenever reality hits you across the side of your face, think of it, as if you have experience from it, and you can have something way better. Expecting something huge is a tall task to order. It has happened to me many times, and so it did to you. You have to think of it that there will be many opportunities you could succeed from. This sin’t your last straw from a needle in a haystack, but there are many second chances in life. At any age you can achieve anything you have always wanted. One example is Stan Lee the co-creator form Marvel Comics. although the movies from his beginning career have failed, which he rebounded at his older stages in life became one of the most successful superhero comic’s movies ever. Marvel Comics are now the most powerful comic company in the world. See! This can be you in any field you choose, and even in life you can prevail also. The most important thing to believe is belief in you. You have to have faith my friend. I have faith in mine.