I am Reading The God Particle

I am reading The God Particle. I am learning much about the cosmos. I am trying to make sense of the quarks, and particles. I think about positrons, antineutrino, and Electromagnetism. Considering I am doing well on it. This is very heavy stuff. I am from the beginning of the book of the author talking about how he got to be a scientist or astronomer of trying to make sense of The God Particle.

I have much to go on this book. But, it is cool to learn this stuff. I am thinking about photons, and antiprotons. From the basic formula I think it is earth, fire, water, and air.

Anyhow science is getting to be familiar to me. Most of the time I think all the astronomy theories are very strange, but fascinating and interesting. The talk about the dead star of its origin of The Big Bang. I don’t know how the universe will end. There are so much theories about it. I can’t really tell which one will happen.

Anyway I love this book. It’s educational.


I have Watched the Show Cosmos

I saw two episodes of Cosmos. The first one I watched was about lead poisoning. I have learned that lead poisoning is dangerous to us humans. It kills most of your cells, and make us grow stupid. It can also kill you. Just one person convinced the health organization that this is true and a fact. He has even fought the gasoline company to ban it for good. The other episode was about a scientist who tries to find out how old is the planet Earth. It took him almost his whole life trying to find out, but eventually discovered it in his older years. He approximately projected it to be 4.54 billion years old. Both episodes are fun and educational to learn from. I saw from episode 1 to episode 8 this month. I have about four or five episodes left to finish the television series Cosmos. Carl Sagan wrote the book Cosmos.

My Point of View on Astronomy and God

Most scientists say to understand God is to understand and know astronomy. We go into the deep cores of him. I always love astronomy. I think this view is correct. I know that some other people don’t agree with this, but it is very hard to understand astronomy. You have to read many astronomy books, study it, and watch many astronomy shows and movies. Some will tell me that this is the wrong answer, but it is the correct one. If most scientists say it is this way, then they are correct. God is science and astronomy. No matter how ridiculous it sounds to some. It doesn’t to me.


English: Stephen Hawking being presented by hi...

English: Stephen Hawking being presented by his daughter Lucy Hawking at the lecture he gave for NASA’s 50th anniversary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know it is hard to understand Astronomy, but reading books of the subject helps a great deal. There are many things to discover. In some places you can see the beginning of time by looking up at the sky by watching the Big Bang through a telescope. It will be easier for an amateur to read Astronomy books for beginners. Looking at the stars, galaxies, and planets are fun to watch. The tools to see space, and to observe do cost money, but saving money for it is worth the risk. The sun is our archenemy, but it is our source of power, and the other time it is our enemy that doesn’t like us much. An easy way to learn about the subject is to see Carl Sagan’s Cosmos in PBS channel, and reading his book of the same name he wrote of. You may also like to read the Stephen Hawking books like “The Theory of Everything”. I have watched a few episodes of Cosmos and it is quite fascinating. There are so many magazines like the Astronomy magazine, and books about space, and all the stuff surrounding it. Astronauts have traveled only to the Moon a long time ago. It is time to view the moon in a full moon, and other stuff like that. Astronomy is another way to get your mind off your problems. Anyways it is education, because science is another subject you can learn about also. If I were you you may want to read about Albert Einstein. Perhaps you want to be an astronomer, or a scientist. You may discard this hobby if you wish, but some other people will take an interest in this. Who doesn’t love Astronomy? I do. And so do most of you.