English: Galveston Island, TX, September 17, 2...

English: Galveston Island, TX, September 17, 2088 — Dogs displaced by Hurricane Ike are sheltered at the local center set up by the Humane Society. Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A dog is a man’s best friend. We always hear that saying all the time. I think they feel our emotions. They even love us and protect us. The would do anything to walk with us and play with us. Dogs are wonderful animals. They represent kindness. But, dogs are special in the category because they know how we feel. All they want is for us to be happy and all they want is for themselves to be happy. Obviously some people don’t want to touch dogs, simply because they don’t want to. They protect our home and are great friends to get along with. They communicate in ways of trying to help us. They want to be hugged and loved. I have had a dog as a pet. I cared for him, fed him, and walked with him. He was my best friend. Pets are great friends to be around with them. They keep you company anytime possible. Most dogs are trained by cops for catching criminals. They are also trained to sniff out drugs from criminals. These dogs make our lives living more easy. There are huge dogs and small dogs. However, any animal you want as a pet is fine, because it loves you back. We also love them back as well.


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