July 29, 2015

I always walk a mile around the neighborhood everyday.

I was practicing my grammar. Most of the things are confusing to me. I will get the hang of it eventually. I think I understand it. I’ve read a small portion of the grammar book in about two chapters. I think there are like 24 chapters in there. It is enough to read, but will be more newer stuff added to it. New versions of grammar come every year. It is much difficult and confusing, but studying the small things won’t be that too hard.

I was still reading The Heist and am halfway towards it.

I think I will lift weights today. I thought of not doing it today to take a one day rest, but I will do the abdominals and weights this day.

I am starting to love grammar. I know that most people hate grammar, but am one of the few who do love it. Everybody’s different. I respect that. Next month I will be busy with the online class. This is the best day for me to think about what to organize.

I will stop writing now. The next post we will be meeting again. Till now I will exercise and lift weights.


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