May 23, 2017

I feel happy this month. A lot of positives have happened to me and feel optimistic about my life and career. I am still in an online class, but love to study much. I am enjoying my class a lot. I got to see animals when I was walking with my dad around the neighborhood.

My mind is at a complete calm and now understand about life a 100%. Life is to enjoy it. I enjoy my writing. I put all my passion into it. I love dogs that are friendly.

I was reading most of the Writer’s Digest magazine this month. I am learning a lot. Also, I am reading Poets & Writers magazine and learning from it.

I enjoyed this weekend and it was tons of fun. I have not felt nothing negative about it, but all positives and stayed happy.

I am so excited about my last 3 online writing classes. The bad thing is that I will miss them once they finish, but will have 17 writing courses achieved and will be proud of myself for it.

My life is care-free. I am listening to hip-hop, R & B, rap, and pop. I love music much.

Well, I hope that all of you were happy this weekend! If not, then it’s only your problem! Be happy! Stay safe! No fighting with anyone! No fooling around, or else! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤ Continue reading

Mystery Blogger Award

I just got nominated for The Mystery Blogger Award! Thank you so much! 🙂

Growing Self

Wow!  I feel truly blessed by the numerous award nominations I have received, over the past week.   I am so excited to be nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award! ♥  I would love to thank the hilarious, creative, folk music loving (just kidding) “MainePaperPusher” for nominating me! 😜  If you have not visited her blog, I recommend you check it out!  She is hilarious, kind and has the best stories to share!  I so enjoy her blogging adventures! They bring me daily joy and laughter!

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