Home Team

If you go for your sports home team, either they are winning or losing always support them until they win at the end to be a winner. My sports home teams are winners in my book.

Don’t Be A Bully

Don’t be a bully to any nice person. It is not good for your mind, because it makes you negative, and you will have an ugly life. Being a bully doesn’t feel good. It isn’t good for your health and mind. It makes you into a lower person.

My Writing Improvement

I am getting better at writing. I know how to write short stories. I still make typos but not so much anymore. I am patient with my writing practices. I still need to learn more of how to write perfect. But I am showing improvement. I am a better writer. I have a passion for writing fantasy and horror fiction. It shows in my works that I am making sense. I am a mature writer and a mature adult. I love to write. I love my life. I love God and Jesus Christ. I love this world. It is a beautiful world. Love and peace to you all! Happy writing! Freedom! 🙂 ❤

Show Acts of Kindness and Support

You should show acts of kindness and support people who are kind and caring. Don’t give support to jerks who mislead you and betray you. Never hang around with jerks. Hang around with people who are nice. I think that if you show acts of kindness than certain nice people will have gain their second chances successfully. Be careful with the false hope persons for they are evil. Be with people who are true angels. Love and peace to you all! Do right by God! 🙂 ❤

Life Facts

Giving chances to nice persons who never got it is helpful. The most evil thing you can do is ignore too much at a nice person like if you were a brick wall. Do the right thing.