January 6, 2020

I have posted in FanStory four poems for the writing contests. I am reading lots of books this year. The show that I am watching is FBI. I like it. It is interesting.

I am very busy this year. I didn’t go to any nurseries this week, but I did my errands. It came so fast of this new decade. I wonder how it is going to be. Each decade was entirely different. They are all gone, but this decade shows many things of promises.

I think that I will study grammar in YouTube and start studying the grammar book.

I went to BJ’s today and got my ice coffee like usual. I go get them whenever I get the chance.

I am spending my time writing on notebooks. I think about my family dogs and how much I miss them.

Well, my friends, have a great week ahead! Behave! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤

Live for Today

Some people live by blaming others and themselves for their mistakes. I think this is the reason why they live in the past. They are so hooked on negative pasts events that they can’t get out of. I think this is the wrong way of living a life. Life is to think for yourself without guilts of anything and think that you are always a good person. Live in the present and stop blaming others and yourself of your bad pasts. If you do this, then you really are living in the past. Save yourself. Think of yourself as a good person and always was and are. Live for today. Stop procrastinating. Live in the present. You will have a happy life if you do. The pasts are gone and to relive it is a sin on you. Be happy and treat yourself with respect. Your happiness is all that counts. Love yourself!

My Memoir: January 4, 2020

It is the start of a new year. I am here thinking of my goals in life. My main goal is to be a much improved Writer. It is a difficult task to follow, but I am willing to do it.

I am happy. I am positive and optimistic about my life and career. I strive to be the best.

Right now I am watching basketball stories. Next I am going to be listening to smooth Jazz. I am going back to work in Fanstory and wordpress.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤