Are you ready for a challenge??

Read this beautiful quote! I am inspired from this quote! Wonderful words! Bringing peace to the world!


Oh Bloggiee! I missed you so bad.. 🙂 Happy to be back! 🙂
Mmm..What about a challenge? Go ahead, keep reading 🙂
It’s so easy to blame someone else for the problems we encounter. Problem, small or huge, is a problem, an obstacle, in simpler term its a monster which we don’t want to face. It’s not that, we can’t fight it, we all have the ability to fight it. But for that we need courage and perseverance and all the more a positive attitude. Most of us have the other adjectives in abundance , but when it comes to optimism we somehow lack in there.
For example, I love to read articles, quotes, poems, etc. As an addict of Facebook, I save all the great quotes (great,as in for me..) I come across while my usual browsing daily. Merely saving those and reading them and not applying it, is…

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Movie Box Office News

Movie News: The new movie Beauty and the Beast (2017), with live actors has eclipsed the box office record set by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a year ago in March 2016.  Now Beauty and the Beast has a total of over $350 million in the month of March 2017 this weekend.