July 20, 2017

I was thinking of having the next two classes. The ones are Effective Business Writing and the other one is Introduction to Writing Markets. The one I will be in on this October is Business and Marketing Writing.

I have added one more class, because I want to be more prepared, which it makes it easier for me.

The show I am watching now is Shooter. This is about a sniper vigilante who is caught up in a set up of assassinating a Ukrainian President, which he didn’t commit the crime. He tries to clear his name. I am still on season one.

I am still watching Madam Secretary. I still watch Pretty Little Liars.

I am studying my former class Make Money from Your Writing. I have learned a lot from that course. I intend to learn it through.

I usually go out and buy ice coffee to drink at home. There is nothing refreshing than coffee. I don’t really like regular hot coffee. It is just not my taste buds.

I am reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. It is a very good novel.

These crime shows teach me about character developments to write of my characters. I also look at the background to see how it would look like. So far I am becoming familiar with it. It is very tough research at the same time. But, I am handling it.

Well, I hope that all of you have a great summer, fall, and winter. Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤