It’s Up to You

wether you want to be happy or depressed it is up to you. Because no one is thinking of you. You need to feel happy, be happy, and think for yourself. Everyone is happy. You are the only one who is making yourself sad and no one else. The decision is up to you on how you want to live it. But, it is better to be happy.

My Viewpoint on Stand and Deliver

I have seen the movie Stand and Deliver. It is based on real life and it did happen. It is similar to the movie Freedom Writers. In the case that some of the school systems in schools are dysfunctional and contraversial. They don’t give failing students to graduate to have a brighter future. It is sad that this happens.

I think that they do deserve another chance to graduate with degrees and have a better social life. Some of the time it doesn’t happen. This is the reason why they don’t make it. They become homeless and lonely.

I think that friendly students deserve to graduate. It is their future. But, there are schools that do give them chances to graduate with degrees, high grades and second chances of life.

I would love to see Stand and Deliver again, because it has meaning and a happy ending. Students deserve another chance. The school should provide it for them with teaching and friendly school environment.

I think you know that you get the picture. There should be friendly students and supportive school staffs. This is my viewpoint. I love Freedom Writers because of what the teacher did what was right for the failing students. These movies have a happy ending and are true stories.