December 4, 2018

I went walking around the neighborhood with my dad. I love walking outside to see the trees, and animals. I always greet my neighbors. It is good exercise. I go home to take a shower. I eat breakfast and then study grammar. Last night I have studied the English structure.

I am writing all year. I am getting better and improved. I like YouTube, because I can watch grammar and how to write videos. I learn a lot from them. They are lots of fun to watch. I am learning.

This year has been the best year so far. I accomplished what I needed to do at FanStory. I am happy that I get to work with three web sites. I mean FanStory, WordPress, and 

I will do activities at home. I am starting to think about blowing the backyard with the machine. I am thinking of doing other chores inside the house. I pass the vacuum cleaner all around the home. I do lots of exercise to lose weight.

I am reading of how to learn how to write. This Christmas I will spend my time with my family. 

I am listening to a lot of vocal jazz, smooth jazz, and other jazz musicians. I am so happy that I am very busy. 

I have heard about the degree MFA. It is mentioned a lot in the internet for writers who wanted that degree. It is not necessarily needed if they passed all their creative writing online classes. But, it never hurts to try to get one. I don’t need one. I passed all of my creative writing online classes. I am pretty much set on my way towards becoming a professional novelist. Only one online class that is left for me is Grammar Refresher II, which I will take next year. I won’t have any problems there, because I studied most of it of its subject.

Yesterday I listened to classic R&B on Music Choice. I sometimes listen to other stations. The ones that I love hearing are the Jazz channels.

I will listen to Amazon music to hear the Jazz stations and get some sleep.

Well, my friends, have a great year! Behave, be safe, and be kind! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


December 2, 2018

I never think of revenge and showing-off. I think that both are a curse and poison for anyone that does it. I believe in hope, miracles, and change for the good of humanity. 

When I finished school I thought that half of my classmates have changed to good. I never thought of some as the same. Most people charge for the good and the bad. Let’s just hope it’s for the good. 

I am blessed with a great talent of writing and am a good person. I have met some people in Italy and Paris. They are nice and decent people. They go on about their lives and business. They just want to be happy for whatever they got. 

I never worried about myself and thought optimistic about my life. One thing I always go by is never fight like a kid for whatever little thing bothers you. I think that life is to be enjoyed and I am enjoying it. 

I focus on the characters in crime shows and see that their lives have turned complicated and troubled. You only have to feel sorry for the good people.

When I had a pet dog I saw what a friend really is. Someone you can trust and depend on. I see some that complicate others for no reasons at all. We can’t reflect on good people just because they did bad personal things in the past (something that happened years ago.). 

My life is happy and optimistic now. I reflect only on the good memories and the positives. I am always happy about myself. 

Start a new year thinking positive about yourself and never put yourself down. What I do when that happens to me is I get myself back up again. I start believing in myself. I always believe in myself. I will still do. 

Well my friends, have a great holiday! Behave and no fooling around, or else! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤