Anne Frank’s Quotes

“Think of all the beauty around you and be happy.”

“Whoever is happy will make others happy too.”

“I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.”

“Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction.”

These are some of Anne Frank’s Quotes. I love her and care for her. She is a great and caring person.

May Anne Frank live in our hearts and minds forever. Peace and freedom to all.


Live for Today

Some people live by blaming others and themselves for their mistakes. I think this is the reason why they live in the past. They are so hooked on negative pasts events that they can’t get out of. I think this is the wrong way of living a life. Life is to think for yourself without guilts of anything and think that you are always a good person. Live in the present and stop blaming others and yourself of your bad pasts. If you do this, then you really are living in the past. Save yourself. Think of yourself as a good person and always was and are. Live for today. Stop procrastinating. Live in the present. You will have a happy life if you do. The pasts are gone and to relive it is a sin on you. Be happy and treat yourself with respect. Your happiness is all that counts. Love yourself!


When I was a child I always remembered and still believe in this word. The word is honesty. The whole world should have it and should stay true to its meaning. I was honest with everyone all of the time. You can’t ever lie to people, because that is doing a hurt and injustice to yourself. You become a broken person, even if you don’t want to admit it. Honesty is your best friend. It helps you wherever you need to be truthful. It makes you into a happy and positive person. My favorite word is honesty, because being an honest person is what counts. It saves your soul. The concept of life will always be the most important thing. Have honesty by your side and it will never fail you. It makes you into a good honest person. This is what we all want is honesty.

Negativity Can Affect Your Life (If You Let It)

Half of the people here in this world live their lives depressed. They let negativity take control of their lives. They have trouble enjoying the present for what positives it offers. The problem here is that they are depressed on thinking about their lost past personal opportunities. Those persons wish that time travel exists in real life, but will never happen. The negative pasts can be erased by not thinking about it. Some people think that it’s too late to change their lives. They can bounce back in big ways possible in the present. The only time we have fun is only in the present. To me this sounds logical. I think of today always. Think of what you can do right now for your life to bounce back, instead of the impossibility of time travel, which never happens. Read a self help book and self help videos. What I recommend is to buy the book This is The Day by Tim Tebow. Start reading Joel Osteen’s books as well and follow my advice to think optimistic and happy. Be a brand new positive you. You are the most important person in this world. Live for today and never think like some other negative people of life ever again. Be happy. God is always with you every step of the way.

Be Happy and Optimistic

I don’t think that being negative and feeling sorry for yourself will help you. It will however destroy your life and the way you see in life. The most important thing is to be happy. The smartest person is the happy and optimistic one. Never dwell on your negative pasts. Instead enjoy the fun present experiences. Do something optimistic that will eventually make you happy. Remember you are the most important person in this world. Value yourself in good positive things. Be active and useful. Stay happy. Being happy is healthy. The first step is to realize how you feel right now and then do something about it. Use your mind and be smart to be happy.