Don’t Waste your Time waiting for Aliens to Arrive

I don’t think for any second that aliens will arrive soon here on Earth. They aren’t interested. They are laughing at us, because we’re the only ones searching and waiting for their arrival. I know there are programs saying that anytime soon we are going to encounter them. The possibility of that happening is 5%. We won’t be able to befriend them, or fight against them. I don’t waste precious time waiting for their arrival. It is never going to happen soon. Yes, they do exists. But, this is the reality we are facing. I think we shouldn’t waste our time on it. There are other things to do, think, and talk about. They are in other galaxies and universes we can’t go to, because if we do we will die in space. This is most likely. The miles to travel to find life is that you will reach a hundreds of years old, unless we are able to create wormholes and travel through them. You will never come back to Earth. The best thing we can do is to have discussions about aliens, and their advanced technologies. I know there are machines built here for them to come, but they will be disappointed when they don’t. So, the best scenario is to leave it alone, which I think some experts won’t do it.


Aliens might be Friends with Ghosts

It may be a slight possibility that ghosts can become friends with aliens. After all it is another dimension we are going into. Ghosts see aliens, but humans don’t see ghosts. However, I think that aliens might have the power to see ghosts then we do. We humans don’t have the power to see ghosts. I think if we see ghosts talking to aliens, we’ll be freaked out. It will be a shocker for us all. There is this possibility, though. If you get spaced out is when you see and feel ghosts. Aliens in the other hand hide where you don’t discover them most likely. Why can’t we think of this theory that ghosts will befriend aliens. It is an open discussion. I don’t think anyone else has ever thought about this. I am not the only one with this idea. It is interesting to know this. I don’t predict and think that angels are aliens themselves. However, in Ancient Aliens the series they will tell you that angels are in fact aliens. Ghosts do become friends with aliens. However, you want to think about it. They meet and talk openly about their lives. I think they have more interesting things to talk about. I won’t be familiar with both species’ conversations, but it is interesting to know.

Tommy Urges for a Sexy Woman Ghost

Dear Lyssa,

You have made my day. This is your lover Tommy Tolo. Why did you leave me? You are a skinny sexy young blonde and seductive lady ghost. We have talked about things that you and I wanted to. I left out most of the inappropriate topics to discuss. We had a lot of fun. I crave for you to come back to planet Earth, and not leave me here lonely. I know how you died. I have cried of your sad story, once you told me about it. You were trying to save someone as a CIA agent, and that was because you were in the line of duty. You came to me when I needed someone. Please, come back. You need to come back. I don’t care if these people laugh at me just because I go on dates with a woman ghost. I know I am a human person, but I like the sense of being with a  woman ghost for company. I will have you Lyssa for keeps, somehow. Come back my true love, and we will live happily ever after.

Yours Truly,

Tommy Tolo

Aliens are here on Earth, but they won’t Harm Us

The Earth won’t be in any danger in our era’s soon, and we won’t be there to witness it. The aliens have bases in underwater lakes. We will not witness what they’ll be doing. But, it is not what most of you think. They are just here to check on us. They’ll be leaving our home planet, once the world comes at peace. They go to Earth from their home planets, and come back to their homes again. After that they come back to their bases here on Earth in underwater lakes. The mysteries are always pondering our questions of why they are here, and why won’t we witness what they’re doing. We mean no harm to them, but everything about aliens and UFO’s is so secret. So far we have discovered many things about them. Some scientists say that Earth will be in danger if they come here. My theory is they are here to make sure that things are okay and we are okay. I don’t think they will be harming us. I think space will do that to us, but in billions, and many billions years later. So, when they are here, there is no reason to push the red button. We don’t notice them coming here. We won’t ever see them in our lifetimes.

Archie Dennett’s Regret as a Vampire

Dear diary,

My name is Archie Dennett, and my regret is being a vampire for now. I crave for blood now, instead of food I used to eat. I feel like food is no longer necessary. Everywhere I go I look at all the humans, and want to suck their bloods from their necks. This is me in the future. I stay at home waiting for my friend to send me a human. This is the only way I can survive. My tears cry blood whenever I get sad and depressed. My wife Betty has divorced me because of my being a vampire. I don’t know what else to do. I have the ability to jump high. I can run to catch up and jump on humans whenever I am hungry. I tell the children to get away from me, or they’ll be the next victims of death. I can kill a person with just one mighty bite. I have killed humans and turned some into vampires for thirst of blood. If I get killed it has to be a supernatural being who has black blood. It is the only way I can die, if I drink its black blood. Well, Betty was the love of my life. I cry every single day when I think of her. My life is pure misery. Well, families, and friends it’s time for me to live in isolation for all eternity. Farewell, my friends of the normal world.

Most People Have a Right to Believe in Aliens

I don’t think that if most people believe in aliens that they are crazy to do so. I think most people are normal, if they do believe in aliens. So, why can’t we? This is some of the people’s idiotic thinking that aliens are a figment of our imagination. I think these people are skeptics. You can look around Egypt for them to explain us how did the Pyramids, and the tombs were built in ancient times. They would be clueless of them for not giving us a truthful answer. I still think that aliens do exists, and could care less if some people are skeptical about it. We need to believe in our beliefs, and not someone else’s. Some might say that we have lost our minds, but it’s them that they have lost their  minds by giving up on it very easily. Aliens have helped shape our civilization, even if half of the people disbelieve it. I still think this. If someone tells me that aliens don’t exists, most will likely believe that person. I could care less if this happens, and so should you. If you want to be a believer. It is easy to realize it, and it isn’t hard as other’s may think. In fact aliens have their God just as we do. Most of you have every right to make assumptions of other beings existing in other planets, but don’t listen to the skeptics. People have a right to believe whatever. I believe there are living beings in other planets. However, crazy this may sound to others.

Aliens Might Be Our Friends In The Future

I think it is too early to tell if aliens will be our enemies. One possibility might be that they could be our friends. I think most people have grabbed the theory that aliens won’t do us any harm. It is possible that they don’t want to start a war with us. This isn’t new and most people have that kind of idea in their minds. Before, I really didn’t know about this view, but it took me much years that this might be a fact. Don’t get me wrong the idea of aliens starting a war with us is still there. I don’t think that they are here for that. In my point of view they want to befriend us, when they probably will come to this scenario. It will come into play. It might or won’t. I have accepted the fact that aliens are like us in a human manner of us. They’re human you could say? I think this might be a yes or no answer. Of course, we think that aliens are like us: humans are human. Aliens are alien. Most of us would think so. Throughout history we have heard of alien abduction, and them coming here on our home planet where we’ll never see them again. But, I know this fact isn’t easy to grasp. Maybe, it is easy for most people to grasp. In the future we’ll know the elusive answer to that question: Will the aliens come to us at peace and be our friends? I think it is most likely for a fact. Some other people will tell you: no. But, then what do we know what is going to happen? The fact remains that they are never coming here to greet us or deceive us. Most of you don’t need to worry about this in your lifetime. But, I know you already made up your mind about it. It probably won’t happen in your lifetime, but later. Time will tell if it does, or doesn’t.

Vampires Hate Foods and Cereals!

How are you an expert in vampires eating meats, and Honey Nut Cheerios cereals? You’re silly!!! Vampires only drink blood. You think just because they go out much they need to drink sodas, and alcohol. You are out of your mind. They simply flow and live through the dark night. If they go out they wear their hoodies outside in public areas. Vampires are cool! Don’t get me wrong that we don’t piss-off them in any way. They don’t eat cereals and most of them think is plain silly. They just want to have fun drinking our blood, and deciding which sexy vampire girls are theirs to make out. You can have a girlfriend vampire if you want. It’s up to you! But, if you do, surrender your blood to them, and become one of them. In this level you’ll start to think that drinks, and foods suck. The only thing you’ll be drinking is blood, and hang out on the rough neighborhoods in the dark dreamy night. Count out all the cereals if you want to be a vampire. Choose blood and eternal life. Be an immortal vampire. You won’t regret it!

Ghosts Appear, But…

Ghosts do appear when we don’t see them. Most people don’t believe in ghosts, but there are some that do. Most likely you will feel a presence somewhere along the dark. You can’t see a ghost just like that very easily. It isn’t as simple as you might think. One way you will see one is when your mind is haunted. But, you only view them inside your mind, and not on the outside of public. Ghosts appear behind you, and you won’t feel their presence. Most people will laugh at you when you tell them that ghosts do exist. There is a probability that they do exist. Who’s is to say that they don’t? No one knows the answer. When I was walking around the dark I have felt presences of my ghost relatives. It is weird and spooky. I don’t know if some of you have minds that are spooked, but ghosts do come and go most often. It doesn’t depend whether it’s night. It can be in the daytime. However, ghosts do make us do mistakes we don’t want to make. For example you accidently broke your mom’s owl statue, because a ghost has flown right through you. Some of you may laugh as you want, but someday they may appear in front of you. You will somehow see them, but your friends won’t. You are the only witness that you saw them. I don’t think we’ll be afraid of them. Curious? Yes. Scared? No. Want to know why they’re here? Definitely, Yes. Any kind of presence of them we are curious to know. However, ghosts aren’t the cause of mother nature. One way, or the other of how our point of view is. We will be curious.

Ryan Chesfield Married A Ghost

Dear Journal,

My name is Ryan Chesfield, and I married a ghost woman. The time when I was at college trying to get my degree of being a lawyer I met someone. Her name was Tara Long, and she was hot. I had to talk to her. We have met at a law class, but we were studying about law. Once the class has finished we went out to eat lunch. We talked about her friends, and family of how they did funny things. I started telling her why I wanted to be a lawyer. She became interested in my conversation, and she found that I was nice after all. We went back to college, but she didn’t take the same classes I have. So, we discussed how we can interact with each other, and agreed that I would pick her up once her classes finish. One time seven months before, I have heard the tragic death of Tara Long, but I didn’t think it was my new friend. It just couldn’t be. Well, the story goes that her husband was cheating on her while she lost her job as a waitress. The two couple started fighting over that he didn’t appear in time back home. So, she started to get suspicious of him going with other women. Once she had spied on him, he was kissing intimately with a young twentyfour year old woman. She got mad, and went back home with the pictures she took. Later, she called the police to make a report, and wanted a divorce from her husband. Well, her husband came back home, and she confronted him about the situation. They got into a huge fight, and he got the gun from his right of his belt. He shot her four times in the chest, and that’s when the police arrived. Actually the police didn’t come because of that, but for the pictures she took of her husband. But, once they found Tara dead on the living room by the couch they arrested him immediately. I remember the trial when they sentenced him guilty of murder without parole. It was a long trial. Well, here I am with Tara Long, but even didn’t even think for a second it was her at all. I picked her up from college, and went to study at my place. Nine years later, we have our master’s degree of law, we got married. It was thirteen years later, and the other problem is that we have kids now, but they are human. They aren’t actual ghosts. Only she is. When I woke up late at night I saw a transparent figure by the hallway, and it was Tara. She wanted to tell me her story about her husband, which he killed her. She told me the whole story from right there, and told her that I already knew the story. So, she said if it is alright that she appears as a ghost, but she is still married with me. I accepted the hard reality of my life. I answered with a yes, I’m fine with it. But, I can’t do anything about it. Well, here I am me and my kids shocked that Tara was the actual ghost after all. To tell you the truth I care about her.  Now me, and my kids are trying to get accustomed of her as a ghost.