Ghosts Appear, But…

Ghosts do appear when we don’t see them. Most people don’t believe in ghosts, but there are some that do. Most likely you will feel a presence somewhere along the dark. You can’t see a ghost just like that very easily. It isn’t as simple as you might think. One way you will see one is when your mind is haunted. But, you only view them inside your mind, and not on the outside of public. Ghosts appear behind you, and you won’t feel their presence. Most people will laugh at you when you tell them that ghosts do exist. There is a probability that they do exist. Who’s is to say that they don’t? No one knows the answer. When I was walking around the dark I have felt presences of my ghost relatives. It is weird and spooky. I don’t know if some of you have minds that are spooked, but ghosts do come and go most often. It doesn’t depend whether it’s night. It can be in the daytime. However, ghosts do make us do mistakes we don’t want to make. For example you accidently broke your mom’s owl statue, because a ghost has flown right through you. Some of you may laugh as you want, but someday they may appear in front of you. You will somehow see them, but your friends won’t. You are the only witness that you saw them. I don’t think we’ll be afraid of them. Curious? Yes. Scared? No. Want to know why they’re here? Definitely, Yes. Any kind of presence of them we are curious to know. However, ghosts aren’t the cause of mother nature. One way, or the other of how our point of view is. We will be curious.

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