Ryan Chesfield Married A Ghost

Dear Journal,

My name is Ryan Chesfield, and I married a ghost woman. The time when I was at college trying to get my degree of being a lawyer I met someone. Her name was Tara Long, and she was hot. I had to talk to her. We have met at a law class, but we were studying about law. Once the class has finished we went out to eat lunch. We talked about her friends, and family of how they did funny things. I started telling her why I wanted to be a lawyer. She became interested in my conversation, and she found that I was nice after all. We went back to college, but she didn’t take the same classes I have. So, we discussed how we can interact with each other, and agreed that I would pick her up once her classes finish. One time seven months before, I have heard the tragic death of Tara Long, but I didn’t think it was my new friend. It just couldn’t be. Well, the story goes that her husband was cheating on her while she lost her job as a waitress. The two couple started fighting over that he didn’t appear in time back home. So, she started to get suspicious of him going with other women. Once she had spied on him, he was kissing intimately with a young twentyfour year old woman. She got mad, and went back home with the pictures she took. Later, she called the police to make a report, and wanted a divorce from her husband. Well, her husband came back home, and she confronted him about the situation. They got into a huge fight, and he got the gun from his right of his belt. He shot her four times in the chest, and that’s when the police arrived. Actually the police didn’t come because of that, but for the pictures she took of her husband. But, once they found Tara dead on the living room by the couch they arrested him immediately. I remember the trial when they sentenced him guilty of murder without parole. It was a long trial. Well, here I am with Tara Long, but even didn’t even think for a second it was her at all. I picked her up from college, and went to study at my place. Nine years later, we have our master’s degree of law, we got married. It was thirteen years later, and the other problem is that we have kids now, but they are human. They aren’t actual ghosts. Only she is. When I woke up late at night I saw a transparent figure by the hallway, and it was Tara. She wanted to tell me her story about her husband, which he killed her. She told me the whole story from right there, and told her that I already knew the story. So, she said if it is alright that she appears as a ghost, but she is still married with me. I accepted the hard reality of my life. I answered with a yes, I’m fine with it. But, I can’t do anything about it. Well, here I am me and my kids shocked that Tara was the actual ghost after all. To tell you the truth I care about her.  Now me, and my kids are trying to get accustomed of her as a ghost.  

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