Miami, Fl. Is Beautiful

Miami has the most of the tourists traveling here in my home city. I love Miami, and its teams. It generates most of the tourism, because of its beautiful weather. When you go to Miami Beach you can either go have fun at the beach, or walk around the block to eat at any restaurant you want. The city has everything here to entertain tourists, and its neighbors. You can probably meet some famous celebrities that live here. You can go see a movie at any movie theater. You can play sports like basketball at some places. You can go watch Miami teams like the Miami Heat at the triple A arena, or the Miami Dolphins at their stadium. You can attend the University of Miami as an alumnus at any career you may choose. The majority of the people around the nation love to go to Miami, because is fun, and beautiful. There are malls here to shop anything you want, or need, also. At the sports arenas you can watch live concerts to see your favorite singers. You can also live here if you want, and let your kids go to school to have a brighter future. For me Miami makes me the happiest person, because I am proud of it, and its history. Miami has great teams, and is a great city. You will have the most fun here, because it has everything to entertain for most people. It has beautiful trees, flowers, and animals. We have the most wonderful people here.

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