This Christmas Think About…

I know most of you want to think about what you are getting this Christmas and to play with them. But, think about the sick and poor of the world. There are wars in most countries that will never be resolved. Be glad that you are here in the United States. It’s not because you can get things, and go see movies and shows. It’s about the freedom that you can do anything you want and need to do of importance. Most people in other countries and including here don’t have insurance to get well rapidly. Think of the sick, and hope they are going to get well soon from other countries. Including here in America as well. There are so many young people who are getting brainwashed by bad people to do bad things. Hope that the wars in this world will get resolved. If some wars don’t get resolved, then it is great to still think so. All over the world we see most stupid people doing things illegally and think that it is cool. Most people think this is not cool. It is not. You spend many years sick and not die from drugs for a while, but soon you’ll die young in later years. Think about the people for them to recover from drugs and alcohol. So, they won’t go into mischief again in life. Think of your family and friends. Think of the helpless, sick, and poor around the world. Worry about them and help them. Give the world a helping hand and about our planet for hope of the well being.


My Buddy Has Faded Away


Lisa (Photo credit: Ilja)

Dear God,

My friend Jason Avril is gone to a better place. In your place he is there. When I met him he was friendly until he turned to the side of meanie. I have his letter saying that he wanted to commit suicide, because he can’t stand the bad treatment he is receiving from people. I have heard his sad story and felt bad for him. He had a girlfriend called Lisa Styles and she is pretty attractive. The reason is he can’t ever get happy is because he never got the chance to prove people that he is a changed man. I am his only friend. A long time ago he treated people bad in school and never overcame those problems. He was always hung up on it. I tell him to cheer up, but he can’t. His recent problems never went away, and everyone has labeled him as a loser. He wanted to change to a good person, but he never had the chance. He told his goodbyes when he walked on the sidewalks of Georgia, USA. When I saw him he quickly faded away bit by bit. His skin and body turned to sand from top to bottom. The wind blew every thick sands upwards, which was the only way to go to Heaven for him. The sand just disappeared and he is gone from my witness eyes. At first I felt depressed and frustrated, but a favor was done. This is a sad ending. I understand why it happened, but he never resolved his problems, and not even once. I hope you are taking care of him. Lisa visits the sidewalk everyday to mourn him and so do I. He will be greatly missed. R.I.P.

Sincerely yours,

Garret Walters

Ghost Doctor Sam

English: Chicago, Illinois. In the waiting roo...

English: Chicago, Illinois. In the waiting room of the Union Station Français : Salle des pas perdus de l’Union Station de Chicago, Illinois, USA. 日本語: アメリカ合衆国イリノイ州シカゴのユニオン駅の待合室にて。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Phil Asbim,

I am regarding of how you told me that there is something wrong with you. I have heard your story that you have been murdered by two criminals who gunned you down at a dead-end alley. Well, it seems to me that you are still crying over the same situation all the time, since it already happened long ago. First, is to forget about it. Second, is they have been arrested and your family and friends have had justice in your trial a long time ago. I don’t know what is your complaint. On the other hand you are scaring all the people in Chicago, Illinois to death. I know that you don’t mean any harm, but take my advice go back to Heaven and rest in peace. I don’t know what your relationship with your wife will be, her alive, and you as a ghost. Let me rephrase that go back to Heaven. The angels are waiting for you, and the bad guys are in Hell. Give up your sobbing for your family will join you up there soon enough. Take it easy is my prescription for you.

One Advice: You have your justice already, and don’t worry!

Sincerely yours,

Ghost Doctor Sam Guzman

Writing to my Ghost Grandfather

Number 27 GARDNER, Joseph John

Number 27 GARDNER, Joseph John (Photo credit: State Records SA)

Dear Grandpa Dan,

This is your grandson Joseph Gardner. The last time you have visited was when you scared the heck out of my parents, by showing up as a ghost. I never thought you will ever come back, and tell me to write you this letter. Well, I’ll be advising the angel to give it to you. Once I place it on the desk in your once was your room. Thanks for the memories when you helped me to stand up to those bullies when I wanted to play football with them. They weren’t real friends. I realized that my friends were the ones close to my age, who helped me many times in my life. I sometimes see you wondering around inside our home, and have tried calling out to you to give you a hug, but I have scared you easily. Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. How is it up there in Heaven? Someday I will be joining you sharing your glory with God. As well as mine with you. Well, here I am taking care of my parents, and told them the great news that I am getting married with Lorrie Stanton. They are very proud of me. I have missed you very much, and still love you. Hopefully, you’ll come visit us here as a ghost, but don’t worry about us being scared. It’s just human nature, and we want to just have a friendly chat with you like old times. Here in the United States they welcome ghost relatives to come visit their families, and friends in all states. I am not frightened by your appearance anymore, but have embraced it, and care for you. Things are fine for me here in real life dimension, and my job is as a computer consultant. Soon, you will talk to my fiancée to meet her for the very first time. I am going to advise one of your angels to send this letter to you in heaven. We all love you. Bye!!! I’ll come up there and see you soon!!! Many wishes to you!!!!

Sincerely Yours,

Joseph Gardner

The Stairs to Heaven


HEAVEN (Photo credit: Telstar2000)

If you want to go to Heaven you have to do good deeds to good people. Your heart needs to be kind to others. Once you are dead you see the stairs to Heaven, if God gives it to you. It all depends what you do on your living life. Remember he doesn’t judge you by your success, but with your past of what you did once it is time to go. The mind imagines it for you where you’ll end up, and this might not be a lie. In fact it is a hint where you’ll be headed. If you think where you will be, it might not be where you always imagined to be. Heaven is beautiful, and you will celebrate with God of all your glory. Don’t worry about this in your lifetime. Remember your guilty conscience tells you what you did wrong. There will be no problem at all if you did the right thing, and this is the correct path. Your family ancestors guide you, and help you to lead a clean healthy, happy, and sober life. Being a bum is the worst thing you could be, instead make something of yourself like a fireman. You need to be true to yourself, and let your family guide you towards goodness.