My Buddy Has Faded Away


Lisa (Photo credit: Ilja)

Dear God,

My friend Jason Avril is gone to a better place. In your place he is there. When I met him he was friendly until he turned to the side of meanie. I have his letter saying that he wanted to commit suicide, because he can’t stand the bad treatment he is receiving from people. I have heard his sad story and felt bad for him. He had a girlfriend called Lisa Styles and she is pretty attractive. The reason is he can’t ever get happy is because he never got the chance to prove people that he is a changed man. I am his only friend. A long time ago he treated people bad in school and never overcame those problems. He was always hung up on it. I tell him to cheer up, but he can’t. His recent problems never went away, and everyone has labeled him as a loser. He wanted to change to a good person, but he never had the chance. He told his goodbyes when he walked on the sidewalks of Georgia, USA. When I saw him he quickly faded away bit by bit. His skin and body turned to sand from top to bottom. The wind blew every thick sands upwards, which was the only way to go to Heaven for him. The sand just disappeared and he is gone from my witness eyes. At first I felt depressed and frustrated, but a favor was done. This is a sad ending. I understand why it happened, but he never resolved his problems, and not even once. I hope you are taking care of him. Lisa visits the sidewalk everyday to mourn him and so do I. He will be greatly missed. R.I.P.

Sincerely yours,

Garret Walters


Erase Your Negative Past

We all used to act like jerks in our lives, and those times we never seem to get it out of our minds. Sure you can get it out of your minds, and it’s simple. All you need to do is forgive your past of what you’ve done wrong, and embrace your good past. If you don’t do this, and still feel hopeless, than there is no solution to overcome it. Some people aren’t used to feeling positive, and this is why most of them commit suicide. Instead of sobbing over the pasts’ problems learn from it, and start a new positive life. There are many inspirational movies to watch, and novels to read that give you a meaning to live happy again. I don’t want to see your face all so glum, when I write novels in the future do me a favor to live for today. I want to you to have something to look forward to, but I am not going to tell you what I am going to write about, but just enjoy them, and do other things. All I am striving for is for my fans to have something to look forward to like my novels in the future and stay positive.