Ghost Doctor Sam

English: Chicago, Illinois. In the waiting roo...

English: Chicago, Illinois. In the waiting room of the Union Station Français : Salle des pas perdus de l’Union Station de Chicago, Illinois, USA. 日本語: アメリカ合衆国イリノイ州シカゴのユニオン駅の待合室にて。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Phil Asbim,

I am regarding of how you told me that there is something wrong with you. I have heard your story that you have been murdered by two criminals who gunned you down at a dead-end alley. Well, it seems to me that you are still crying over the same situation all the time, since it already happened long ago. First, is to forget about it. Second, is they have been arrested and your family and friends have had justice in your trial a long time ago. I don’t know what is your complaint. On the other hand you are scaring all the people in Chicago, Illinois to death. I know that you don’t mean any harm, but take my advice go back to Heaven and rest in peace. I don’t know what your relationship with your wife will be, her alive, and you as a ghost. Let me rephrase that go back to Heaven. The angels are waiting for you, and the bad guys are in Hell. Give up your sobbing for your family will join you up there soon enough. Take it easy is my prescription for you.

One Advice: You have your justice already, and don’t worry!

Sincerely yours,

Ghost Doctor Sam Guzman

The Kid that Gives Me Everything

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Alex Newton is a kid with a special power. He has the power to give me stuff. Hi, my name is Buddy Harris, and this is the story of Me and Alex. We walk around the blocks of Chicago, and I tell him I want to see a movie. He gives me a movie by appearing in his hands that hasn’t been bought by anybody yet, I tell him thanks. Later I tell him what flavor of ice cream I want and it appears in his hand vanilla chocolate ice cream. This kid has the power to give me anything by using his hands.

I tell him to let’s go see this movie, which is Scarface starring Al Pacino. He agreed instantly, and so we went to see it at my home. After we have finished watching the movie we were talking about how great it was. I told him as a joke that we should have women super models for each other. And guess what? They appeared out of his hands.

My new attractive Caucasian girl is called Allegra, and his blonde attractive girlfriend is called Betsy. They don’t mind to make out with us, and so they did it for us. The next day it was us with a chick for each one, and I tell him it would be neat to have a Porsche of one each for us. Guess what? It appeared out of his hands.

Mine was a pink Porsche, while his was a grey one. A year later Alex gave me a career as a movie actor without any experience. He is a photographer with no experience, and actually knows how to take pictures of anything. We both got married to the women supermodels, have a glorious life, and careers. It was all thanks of his hands that have magical powers.

Wanted: Ghost Biker

Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline (Photo credit: Frank Kehren)

From the Police Detective’s office desk:

We have a search warrant for a wanted ghost criminal. He goes by the name of Allen Baker. He has killed 1,000 innocent citizen’s live in the city of Chicago. This man has been seen by police, and federal agents, but each time we try to arrest him he disappears. We have some video tapes from citizens of this city showing the ghost biker killing people. Sometimes it’s 3 when he appears in the night, and after several days it’s 6 people in the day. Be careful when he ever steps in your neighborhood. He drags his victims with a chain by driving his motorcycle on the streets strap at their necks. If you have seen this individual report it to the police. He is highly intelligent, and dangerous. Don’t try to be the hero by capturing him, and giving to us, just do what we say, and we’ll handle the rest. This is for expert authorities to handle this criminal mastermind.

Signed by Police Detective Nayer Hearst