Great Novels!

English: Twilight Saga Español: Saga Crepúsculo

English: Twilight Saga Español: Saga Crepúsculo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have read many novels, and some of them were great. One who reaches to mind is The Twilight Saga. This is a combination of vampires and werewolves, but it is more of the love story between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. We were trying to find out if Bella would survive through the vampires and werewolves clans. At the end we found out what really happened, and her transformation into a vampire, and she gives birth to a vampire half breed baby. There are four novels to this series, and I recommend you to read them, even if they are long. Another novel that is great is The Godfather. The Godfather Don Corleone gives favors to those who need justice in need. The way it is set up is that you can’t go to the police for help, but to the Godfather. We also see that the next Godfather would be Michael Corleone. Don Corleone’s son. He too helps people in need of justice just like his father. He becomes Godfather, after his father’s death. Another great novel is The Harry Potter series, which this is about the wizard Harry trying to avenge his parent’s death against the evil Lord Voldemort. This is in 7 novels. However, this should be read too, even if they are real long. War and Peace is another great novel. There are so many great novels to read, and enjoy. There are also other novels that didn’t do great also. But, we’ll stick to the greatest novels that have been written. Enjoy!

The Kid that Gives Me Everything

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Alex Newton is a kid with a special power. He has the power to give me stuff. Hi, my name is Buddy Harris, and this is the story of Me and Alex. We walk around the blocks of Chicago, and I tell him I want to see a movie. He gives me a movie by appearing in his hands that hasn’t been bought by anybody yet, I tell him thanks. Later I tell him what flavor of ice cream I want and it appears in his hand vanilla chocolate ice cream. This kid has the power to give me anything by using his hands.

I tell him to let’s go see this movie, which is Scarface starring Al Pacino. He agreed instantly, and so we went to see it at my home. After we have finished watching the movie we were talking about how great it was. I told him as a joke that we should have women super models for each other. And guess what? They appeared out of his hands.

My new attractive Caucasian girl is called Allegra, and his blonde attractive girlfriend is called Betsy. They don’t mind to make out with us, and so they did it for us. The next day it was us with a chick for each one, and I tell him it would be neat to have a Porsche of one each for us. Guess what? It appeared out of his hands.

Mine was a pink Porsche, while his was a grey one. A year later Alex gave me a career as a movie actor without any experience. He is a photographer with no experience, and actually knows how to take pictures of anything. We both got married to the women supermodels, have a glorious life, and careers. It was all thanks of his hands that have magical powers.

On The Godfather

The Godfather

The Godfather (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The novel by Mario Puzo should be the greatest novel of all-time. The movie should be number 1 on the movies all-time greats list, which makes sense. Most of the world loves this movie, which Marlon Brando, and Al Pacino make great Godfather mafia bosses, because they do it excellent. I have seen all the Godfather movies, and the best one is the first one. The sequel, however is great too in its own credit too. This is a no brainer, I think this movie should be on top of all movies listed in the movie industry. My favorite part of The Godfather movie is where Al Pacino brings down a corrupted cop, which is the best scene of the entire film. Most people love mafia movies, and I am a huge fan of all of them also. Mario Puzo has stamped his legacy on this novel, which will always be remembered and adored all of the time. My favorite characters are The 2 Godfathers bringing justice to the family brought on to generations. The characters are colorful, and the movie itself is excellent, and so is the novel. The novel and the movie have a case to be number 1 of both great Movies, and novels of all-time.