Set Your Mind At Ease

a new dawn

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The mind is a vulnerable living thing, but it is also smart, and active. In order for you to be calm think slowly about not harming your brain. There are a lot of things, and situations to put it in danger. One example is if you are hearing music that  you don’t like, but you are pretending to enjoy it, then you aren’t setting your mind at ease. Remember being negative by getting angry kills your brain cells. Pick the right things that you want to do, and enjoy entertainment. Remember that not all things you hear, read, and watch you will be entertained by. The other thing is find the right career you will be serious about, and it is important for you to know is if you’re comfortable with it. You can do anything you want, but first listen to soft music first for a while to think freely. This will help you make important decisions that will change your life. Always make the right decisions that are positive. When you are having fun in public relax, and don’t trouble your mind by making things up in your mind. You need to stay in moments when you are socializing and having fun. Your mind can’t be at two events at the same time. Take care of your mind, and take each day slowly. This process always works. You need to feed your mind positive things, and make it happy. It needs to be active. Your mind needs a break in the night by sleeping. Use this advice: Set Your Mind At Ease. Think three dimensional not one dimensional, and this will help your mind.

A Right To Have Happy Moments


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It is a right for you to have happy moments. When some people are troubled they have a right to be happy in some moments that are pleasant. I think most people resolve their troubled lives and live happy ever after. Well, in some cases it doesn’t turn out that way. Some people who were famous had troubled lives and even average people too. Some die this way. At the end we pay to some their respects. We all have a right to have happy moments; however, our lives turn out in any way. Being positive is great, but creating problems is awful. A person who has resolved his/her life is a person who is happy. We shouldn’t remember the negative events in our lives. Remember the happy moments and create your life worry-free. Your life should be decent and positive. Don’t be friends with jerks. Remember not all women are good friends. There are most women who are nice and decent, but you have to find the right ones who are good not bad seeds. On all sides there are good and bad people. It goes the same way for men too that there are some good and some bad. Always check first how the person is acting, and if they are jerks just don’t be friends with them. Avoid them when you see them. You should have friends who don’t betray you and they give your word. Always trust in God, and remember don’t disappoint him by going with the wrong crowd. However, your life is try to live happy and create those happy moments if you can. I know that not all people deserve to be unhappy. God wants us to have happy moments in our lives. In some of your lives will probably be resolved someday. Peace. Love. Freedom.

Championships: It’s All About Luck

Sports and games

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Teams win and lose. WIN. OR. GO. HOME. The classic saying once you go into the playoffs of any sports league. When teams want to win championships they have to work hard, and have much luck going their way. Athletes practice everyday to improve. Teams develop better and they improve. Fans like us can’t wait to see sports games, which we are spoiled when teams win, and there is nothing wrong with that. Coaches need to look at their playbooks, and at other teams on much videotapes to see how they play defense and offense. The teams can’t take their opponents lightly and if they do they have another thing coming. Athletes need to prepare for every game to be ready for the task at hand. I think logic also play in these games for teams. They need everything to bounce in their favor. Another thing is they need to be healthy and ready for any obstacles coming their way. It is all on them if they don’t get the job done to win championships. When there is an off-season for them they need to be skilled and not lose their talents. Every athlete knows this and they have to play it smart. Luck is really hard to come by. It just doesn’t come when you need it, but when it is earned. Luck is a whole different animal and you just have to trust it. Teams get it done when they have years of experience winning. Sports is very emotional and athletes can’t lose their steps once they’re on the playing field.

People Making Stupid Decisions For You (Ignore Them)

No matter how many mistakes you've made in the...

No matter how many mistakes you’ve made in the past, or what sort of difficulties you struggle with now, you are destined to live in victory. -Joel Osteen (Photo credit: deeplifequotes)

Most of us have had our decisions made by many people, and this is why they are bullies. Don’t listen to them and ignore them. In sooner time they’ll think back and regret it for the rest of their lives. We don’t need to name names, but we for sure we know who they are. They are on all fronts of our lives, and they won’t leave us alone. You are not alone in this one, because I have had them or still have them. I don’t listen to them. I just do the opposite to what they give me. The strong will between us, and the bullies are that we are original, and can’t ever be replaced. Ignore all the negative comments, plans, and actions of theirs. I don’t care what philosophy they have. I still think that is junk making things worse for everyone. They only live one-dimensional, and they could be anybody. You have a right to feel angry at them, but this doesn’t mean they’ll change. In my case some never change and they stay the same. Fight back and make them feel inferior; however, superior they may be. It clearly doesn’t matter who they are. Again you need to fight back. You feel good when the odds are against you and in that way we always win. My simple thinking of this they’ll turn out the losers at the end when they get old and retire. Actually, we are going to be the winners in all of this. Don’t care for the negative results, because God always wins no matter how the outcome will be. We believe in ourselves to decide what we want and what is right. I no longer have any bullies, but if I do I’ll fight back right at them with smarts. When things aren’t going your way think that you do have the upper-hand today, tomorrow, and always. Your lives aren’t jokes, and these are jokers who are ruining our lives. Somehow, someday we’ll be the superior ones, and they will feel like jerks, which they already are. We aren’t jerks on this one, and we are warriors. I am a warrior. Keep repeating that every time, until they know not to mess with you anymore. It doesn’t matter how old they are. By believing in yourself you can stand up to these bullies no matter how younger, older, and what race they are.

Don’t Mess with The Aliens

Greater Demon of Slaanesh

Greater Demon of Slaanesh (Photo credit: Kaptain Kobold)

You’ve seen all the aliens movies, and read all the aliens novels, but it’s time not to mess with them. Who knows what in hell they might do, and I mean seriously wacky stuff. I think I’ve covered half of the aliens, but am still puzzled about their history, and culture. I’ve yet to see their battles, wars, victories, and losses. No one has actually seen their world, and we don’t have any idea if they are real or made up. I wouldn’t been seen there to watch all what’s going on up there. I think it is better astronauts, and scientists to go see their history, and what they are up to. By the time they’re finished they won’t even come back, and live. All this is spooky and scary, and creepy stuff, and you don’t want to go at that galaxy. Scientists have yet still to cover all the history of them living their lives, and experimenting on us that we can’t even catch up. It’s about time that they show documentaries about aliens of all sorts. I may believe that they’re protecting us, and doing their own history. But, it is unlikely that we’ll ever know. I think about that all the time. This stuff is amazing to most people. I think it’s time that we dig into the truth about aliens, their worlds, and what they do is what’s special about them. I don’t even know if they exist, so I don’t worry about it. End of story.

Change: Take it Easy

Disney's Friends for Change

Disney’s Friends for Change (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people want to change to be good people. One for starters I wanted to change my habits, and moods. I was very rough with people in the past, and a few years later had a change of heart. Maybe, this could be you, if you are willing to take the effort. I was and am all of the time a decent person, but before I have made stupid choices I have regretted. When someone thinks of change they think of it as a scary word. You don’t need to fear this word, just be yourself. The past is a map of deciding how to treat people as you would like to be treated. I was lost in my childhood about being good or bad, and wanted to be good, instead I chose the mean role. In this case I was lost, and wished I have decided to be good, noble, and a nice person. I have lost many friends this way, and hope that most of you wouldn’t do the same. But, if you try to think of what good is, then you can change of this is who you are. It is just genetic in our genes. You need to hear their stories, and be more understanding of them. I know that some people think that we might be the same mean persons all over again of acting bad. Like most of you we want to do good deeds, and feel this way all the time. When you are rough on people you lose friends like some of us. These many years were learning experiences, it was rough, and I gutted it out. The end results are I have changed, chose the good side, and have friends now. You need to understand why people are lost, because if you don’t, then you’ll miss the opportunity of seeing some changing towards goodness. I know it is hard picturing in later years the mean person changed as a nice person, but at least try. You did it for me, but try for others as well. The wrong thing you would do is stay mad at those who are lost forever, because maybe some will change like I did. Hear their stories, and understand why they did those things before! Give it a try, and consult with them!