Championships: It’s All About Luck

Sports and games

Sports and games (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Teams win and lose. WIN. OR. GO. HOME. The classic saying once you go into the playoffs of any sports league. When teams want to win championships they have to work hard, and have much luck going their way. Athletes practice everyday to improve. Teams develop better and they improve. Fans like us can’t wait to see sports games, which we are spoiled when teams win, and there is nothing wrong with that. Coaches need to look at their playbooks, and at other teams on much videotapes to see how they play defense and offense. The teams can’t take their opponents lightly and if they do they have another thing coming. Athletes need to prepare for every game to be ready for the task at hand. I think logic also play in these games for teams. They need everything to bounce in their favor. Another thing is they need to be healthy and ready for any obstacles coming their way. It is all on them if they don’t get the job done to win championships. When there is an off-season for them they need to be skilled and not lose their talents. Every athlete knows this and they have to play it smart. Luck is really hard to come by. It just doesn’t come when you need it, but when it is earned. Luck is a whole different animal and you just have to trust it. Teams get it done when they have years of experience winning. Sports is very emotional and athletes can’t lose their steps once they’re on the playing field.

Surfin’ Dude’

Teahupoo, Papeete, Tahiti

Teahupoo, Papeete, Tahiti (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A group of teens came to go surfing at the beach, with their surf boards. It was a total of six young kids with girlfriends. First, they all wanted to rest with their towels lying down on the sand to get a sun tan. Each 3 couples enjoyed the beach and heard music through their stereo box. They were jiving to usher, Beyoncé, and other R%B artists. It was Josh, Allie, Allen, Christa, Bruce, and Jeania. They all seem to be having a good time at the beach. It was in Los, Angeles, California where they all live at.

“Hey, guys do you want to surf board?” Christa asked

“Yeah!” Allen, Bruce, Jeania, and Josh responded.

Allie was the one so creative with the waves on the ocean. Everyone started to watch. Allie didn’t have the guts to do what Christa is doing so far. Christa was moving sideways with her surf board.

But, when a shark came, and the sky came to a stormy weather Allie’s friends at the beach took a heavy beating by the storm, and the shark. The shark came towards Christa, and Josh it started to bite them until they’ve got killed by it. The storm did the rest, and her friends started to drown until they were all dead.

The lifeguards tried to save them, while the whole crowd screamed for help watching a horrific event. Allie lost all of her friends by a shark, and the storm. The security told them the visitors to get inside their apartments, or if they drive to go home. The life guards did the same.

Allie was crying the whole time when they retrieved the bodies of her friends, which are no longer breathing. She had to go on with her life; she had no other alternative but to do so.

“We’re sorry for your loss.” The police cried

“It’s OK. Ill try to move on.” Allie replied

“I know that your boyfriend and friends meant a lot to you, but their in their glory with God.” he said

“I know I still have other friends, but this one hurts the most.” she cried while hugging the police officer.

The police officer hugged back. Two hours later, she is at home trying to recoup from the horrible event. Her parents gave her time to do so.

A few months later she had another boyfriend Kane, and he is a singer trying to become a professional singer. They both wanted to go to the same beach and decided to do just that. When Kane was driving her to the beach and parked his car near it to the parking area the people there saw something very bizarre.

There were Allie’s friends surfing as ghosts. The people, and paparazzi began to take pictures. Allie and Kane got out of the car near the sand by the beach and saw her friends and ex-boyfriend Josh waving at her.

“Hi, Allie. Look we’re no longer dead!” they all said

But, Josh, and friends were surfing as ghosts and their surf boards were also ghosts too. The news reporters are there reporting the story to many watching the bizarre event. Allie had her mouth down wide open screaming.

“Oh, my gosh! No! No! This can’t be happening!” she told to Kane

“Were those your friends, and wasn’t that your boyfriend?” he asked Allie pointing at her friends.

“Yeah. Double yeaaaaaaaaaaaa….” she responded as she fainted

Kane grabbed her behind her back and tried to wake her up. The ghosts kept surfing, and the other teens, and tweens kept watching at the ghost surfers. They are putting quite a show that beachgoers didn’t even want to set foot on the water.

Kane pulled Allie inside the car and drove home. The rest of the visitors and tourists didn’t lose their eyes on something neat and exciting going on.

A few weeks later, the workers made an event of it for the people to see the ghosts surfing on the beach. They’d had to pay a minimum of $10 to get in the beach and see them surfing. A moment later most people paid to get their pictures taken with the ghost surfers, and shake their hands.

It was more of an event, it was a spectacle. The same surfers that were killed long ago began surfing again, and they still do everyday. But, now it was expensive to go to this particular beach this time. But, it’s worth the chance, and them being killed were no more of a vivid memory for Allie’s ghost friends, and so forth for Allie, and her recent boyfriend Kane. But, they no longer go to that beach anymore, and did other activities for now on. She remains friends with them, even if they’re now products for the beach goers they still get along. But, Josh, and his surfing friends are stuck surfing at the beach for beach sightseers.