My Favorite Magazines are…

My favorite magazines are Poets & Writer’s magazine, and Writer’s Digest magazine.


I Can See Your Novel

Barnes and noble

Barnes and noble (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

David Waltrip has been reading too many novels every year, and he buys books every time he sees one. All the time he goes in the bookstore, and purchases his usual frappe. what is it now? Oh, it’s the caramel frappe, and now the café has come up with brand new ones. He sits down in a chair by the table, and starts reading a novel You can see with simple ease he reads with no distractions.

There are other people sitting down in other chairs by tables having conversations with friends, and families. The people who work in the café are teens who are about to graduate from high school, and they certainly know David very well. What is it this time that he’s reading now? I think he’s reading a vampire novel.

He stops reading and walks out of the bookstore to his car. He opens his door, and gets in his car driving to his home. His cell phone starts ringing, and he answers it.

“Hello?” He said.

“Hi, Dave. It’s William.” William replied

“Oh, hi! What’s up, buddy?” David asked

“I’ve been meaning to ask you what you are doing today?” William asked

“Oh, I’m about to head home and take a rest. Why?” David replied

“I wanted to know if you and I can go with a couple of my lady friends to see a movie, and they’re super cute,” William offered

“No, but thanks. I think I’ll be sitting on this one, besides we’ve done this many times before.” David replied

“Okay, But you sure don’t know what you’re missing!” William said

“Okay, funny guy bye, but thanks. Bye!” David said and hangs up his cell phone.

He is now at his home to get much needed rest and on to work the next day.

He wakes up and goes to work at the Wall Street building. He’s a stockbroker who buys and sells stocks to costumers. he shows up in time to start his normal routine of the stock trade.

William was there doing the same thing he’s doing. All the stockbrokers try to help themselves with all of the Wall Street action. Some got broke while the others had it made at the trade stocks. It was one busy day for David to finish his job strong. Some stocks of companies fell and others went up in percentages of money.

David’s week has been productive, but there’s been only two days that he didn’t get lucky and lost some stocks at the Wall Street place.

Well he decided to go to Barnes & Noble to read alone. Once he goes at the café he orders a small decaf coffee and a pretzel sandwich with potato chips on the side. Once he had a novel he began reading it, and the whole story came out of his mind playing behind his back. Everyone saw the whole novel, and were entertained by the images displayed behind his back. David started feeling like why everyone is looking behind his back.

He had an audience, but he told them not to stare at his back. The people didn’t care, but were curious at the novel they already knew what it is. David shut the book and the image behind him shut down. The whole fans were disappointed.

The employees store called the Channel Ten News Station to put David on TV for an interview about his special talent. He kept to himself and started to become shy. But, he had a gift that when he reads a book it definitely shows to people what novel he’s reading.

The next year he got into so many interviews with channel networks.He kept saying what is going about his talent that is so special. They explained it to him. He told them he just simply reads and imagines what novel he reads. Most people kept watching the TV and were excited about his special talent.

He became an instant hit to the whole world and is famous for when he reads. On the Oprah Show he read to himself, and the audience saw the images of the novel. Everyone was in total shock. He finished the book.

“It’s like watching a movie through you.” Oprah said.

After that she gave him a happy huge hug and the show ended.

Ever since he became old he was the only one with that special talent, but he was cursed by it. David was tired of people looking at his back and tried to stay at home as possible to keep away from fans. When he died he was well remembered as the person that read novels, and showed his imagination of showing stories to the world. But, he didn’t have a real comforting life, and had a troubled life.

Reading is Fun!!!

English: Four children reading the book How th...

English: Four children reading the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Seuss. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people have said before that reading is boring, but half of the most people say reading is fun. I know this world isn’t fond of literature, because they would rather watch sports, or movies. And also by doing something else. Reading is part of everything in our lives too. When you pick up a book anywhere it takes you to places you have never been before. I know that sports is the main thing for most people, but it doesn’t hurt to read. You can still like the others things as well. Some books are also to educate your brain, instead most young adults would rather prefer listening to music, and go for music concerts. But, you can do all of those things also along with reading. The literature industry is sometimes a dying industry, because most people don’t really care for it. Novels are great for fun reading. When is the last time you have picked up a book? Did it ever occur to you that by reading a book on a subject you’ll learn new things, and for example you want to be a firefighter or a military general. Think about it. Another thing is that you can know some other things around the world by discovering books on the subjects of events happening today or happened before. Maybe this time you will have time to purchase a book you love to read or pick one up at your near library. But, you have to be specific, by not being clueless about it. Read the newspaper or maybe you have kids that want to learn to read. By doing this you’ll find it amusing, and useful.