We All Are Human, Not Robots

To learn and not to do is really not to learn....

To learn and not to do is really not to learn. To know and not to do is really not to know. (Photo credit: planeta)

Comfortable Seating, Learning Resource Centre,...

Comfortable Seating, Learning Resource Centre, Edge Hill University (Photo credit: jisc_infonet)

We all do mistakes, and it cost us some of the things we want accomplished. But, I think by learning them you achieve it back, because we are optimists. All of us are human beings when we do bad things we don’t mean to do on purpose or by mistake. I sometimes did things on purpose, and the other things by mistakes, but I learned from them not to repeat it again. Most of us learn not to do bad things again. However, some of us feel we still have some bad habits we still have we didn’t take out, and it is fine to think this way, as long as it isn’t negative or offensive. All of us aren’t going to think the same. All of us are going to do the opposite, and think different of each of us by how we act. I am an opportunist. I quickly grab happiness wherever I could find it, even if it’s the smallest things. I think by taking into consideration of understanding people, rather then bashing their dreams God will be happy with you. Whatever gets you ticked-off, or pissed-off on every little thing it makes your life at a disadvantage. I am talking on both sides of whatever you intend to do, but the good sides always wins. Being depressed about every little thing makes matters worse, and it could ruin you. I think by being happy of what your teams in sports did try to accomplish of winning games the next year will be better. But, nothing is too late. We all carry that jive that we feel vulnerable when we want things accomplished, but later you will succeed. I think for myself, but no one else. We want to be nice, and generous people, but it all starts at one day at a time. Some of us feel jealousy towards others. If you think that I haven’t felt any jealousy towards some people, then you’re wrong. We all felt it, I have felt it. But, we learn to deal with it and forget it. Most of us are talented on some levels, and some of us show off. I think by showing off you’ll learn to regret it. I think some of us think we’re high-class, and think of others as low-class. God didn’t built this world that way, and he built it to accept how we are.  We aren’t meant to get angry at each other. Be easy on the stuff you enjoy, and don’t take it out on anybody. We can’t change how people think, but we can change our way of thinking the positive way. Everyday is an adventure and opportunity. Achieve your goals by being an opportunist, and an optimist. Ignore the skeptics. When we do mistakes we all are human, not robots.

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