The Laminated Paper Man

Fredo Corleone

Fredo Corleone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Erynn Lloyd was a man with a boring job as a sales phone clerk, and even in his time customers give him hard times. They wouldn’t settle for buying worthless junk, but he obliges them to. Could it be that he isn’t trying hard enough that they won’t settle to consumer buying? Well, the stuff was simple gadgets like selling toothpicks or electric shavers. Eventually, he’ll have plenty of consumers to settle.

He doesn’t earn too much money to pay the bills; money comes around here and there by luck. He came home knowing he’s not married, but has friends of so very little. He cooks for himself to eat fish with rice and beans, and to drink is a sparkling water. He turns on the news, and sees what’s going on in the world.

This life you call it is depressing, which his friends don’t have the time to hang out with him, because they’re busy all the time. He grabs the remote, finishes eating, and turns of the TV. All he sees is papers on his desk trying to pay the taxes. The IRS is breathing down his neck to collect what he owes.

He manages to pay the tax collector, but he wishes to have a better life of himself. Night heads in Wednesday and he sleeps in his room.

Erynn, wakes up drinks coffee, and goes to the door, and drives the car to work. His friends also work at his job, so that should be comforting. Finally, he arrives in time to work, and stays busy with the phones. Consumers ring up in his phones, and several of his companion workers’ desks.

I wish I was a laminated paper man he thought. It is such a waste that he would stand up to that kind of level. Life is as hectic for him as it is right now, and can’t afford another one.

Soon his boss comes around and tells him that he would have the week off, because spring break is almost coming.

“I know Erynn, that you’re busting your heart out. But, coming next week you have the whole week off, and just you.” Fredo said

“OK, boss,” Erynn responded

“I knew you see it that way!” Fredo said slapping his back for support.

Soon everyone saw him like they hate him for it, knowing that he’s the only one who is taking the week off, and not them.

“What? I sure hoped it would have been all of you, OK!” he argued

But, no one gave him comfort. Work was truly hectic, and so was his life, but he’s happy he’s got his parents to support him all the way.

Everyone left to go home and so did Erynn, his friends came at him to keep him company.

“Hey, Erynn remember us buddy?” hank said

“Yeah, how was the work?” he asked

“Eh, not too comforting, but I’ve got several sales to make me happy. How, ’bout y,all?” Hank asked

“The same old, same old.” Erynn responded

“Yes, listen we have a party this Saturday at this Hank’s house. Are you in?” Harriet asked

“OK, since it’s Friday today I could use a happy back-up, and then uh, I think I’ll… say, yes, definitely.” Erynn said

“OK, buddy. It’s at my home at 9 p.m. So don’t be late!” Hank told him with a happy punch on Erynn’s shoulder.

His friends waved and told him goodbye, and finally he got the cure for the blues again. One thing strange he saw his finger laminated of thin paper, and started to worry, but showed it to no one.

Once he walks to his car people see him strange as if it’s not normal of how he acts. He opens the door, gets in, and drives away. When he got home he slept, and started to feel happy. He is now home, and sleeps in his room. Strangely, he turns into a thin paper laminated man in his bed, but he doesn’t know.

When morning arises he wakes up, goes to the bathroom, and sees himself in the mirror when he screams his lungs out. He is suddenly a laminated paper man. He tries to pick things up, and victoriously does. It’s an amazing sight to see that he could even pick up his briefcase.

“How did this happen?” He said

Well, it may seem by feeling sorry for himself he turned this way. There is no explanation for it.

The window opens by itself, and he suddenly flies out of the window as a paper regularly does. One pedestrian sees a human paper laminated man he gets shocked, while the rest of the people outside, and inside their homes see a bizarre happening.

“Please someone help me!” Erynn says

He flies around the neighborhood block, and on to the Empire State Building. He suddenly travels around the city flying like a useless paper. People began to see how a human could be that way in a sort of manner.

There is simply no answer to that, but the devil did it for the fun of it. God would only change him back once he starts to be happy and live for today. But Erynn is unhappy and worried, which makes matters worse.

But the stranger began to take pictures of him as a strange subject. Erynn, suddenly is stood out as a normal person walking, but he was still a strange object.

When he is walking he didn’t feel anything of his entire body. Women were scared and shocked of how he looks. If the news reporters saw him he would be front page news. Well, he just became front page news, because the stranger who took pictures of him sent it to the news station.

A few weeks he slept on the floor of the sidewalk. When he woke up he went near a news store, and saw himself in the paper. Most people bought the paper, which it was sold out. Other people grabbed hold of him and they sent him to the news station.

Erynn was sitting in a chair along with the news reporter and began asking him questions. He answered them. The questions were simple: How did you became the shape you are today? How do you feel about this? Is the way you look now making you feel important?

He completely told him to but out of his business, and flew out of the station like a piece of paper. Most fans of his loved to see him fly around all over the city; and want to get to know him.

But, people felt sorry for him, because Erynn didn’t like of how badly he’s been treated of how his situation is. Finally, he flew inside his home and lay in bed sleeping.

One night he woke up and stood up surprised of why he’s back to a normal human being again. He is taking credit that he suddenly feels happy again. He called the same news station he was interviewed from, and told them to interview him again. The news reporter who interviewed him was Wanda Kickes.

The week later the interview went smoothly and was on a local channel.

“Hi, this is Wanda Kickes to report to you about Erynn Lloyd about his happy new found life.”

“Hi, Erynn!” she said

“Hi, Wanda.” he said

“Tell me how it felt when you turned into a laminated paper thin man?” she asked

“Oh… It felt horrible. But, I’ll tell you one thing it took my bad feelings away.” he said

“This doesn’t happen out of the blue does it?” she asked

“No, it doesn’t.” Erynn said both laughing

“I just felt as if I didn’t have many friends, and it’s the reason why I got turned into that thing.” he said

“Was there someone or anything that made you into that way?” she asked

“I don’t know the answer to that one. But, God has ways to make you fell happy. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone to experiencing that way in a growing process.” he said

“No, you wouldn’t. Do you feel happy about your life? Why do you want many friends? Is it necessary?” she asked curiously.

“Well, I didn’t feel happy with few friends. But, it’s something happy at least. Yes, I feel happy, and no it isn’t necessary to have many friends.” he agreed

“You made history, Erynn. But, I sure wouldn’t make that kind of history on my terms. How did it feel that way?” she asked

“Well, it felt weird, and awful. Sometimes there has to be a tragedy to learn from it like it was to me that way.” he said

“Erynn, thank you for your time, and we sure do hope this incident wouldn’t happen again. I wish you the very best.” she said

“Thank you for having me.” he said

The interview ended and they shook hands. The film cameras were turned off and are no longer on the air. He kept talking to Wanda and she found that he’s a very nice person. The staff also loved having him.

Erynn drove back to his home and slept through the whole afternoon.

When the weekend passed by he arrived to his work and got a huge surprise at work. Everyone welcomed him back and even his boss also. They were happy he’s back to his old self, and is friends with all of the workers. Hiss boss was one also, but told him to keep this between themselves as working buddies only for business, and nothing else as in friends just that.

Lunch has come and went out to dinner with his new and old friends, and they all had a good time. When it came to work they got busy. Once he finished his working hours he went home and took an easy relaxed shower.

A few years later, he got married and had five kids, resulting in two sons, and three daughters. He told them all about the history incident that happened to him, and has a book about his life to show them. The kids felt sorry for him, and told their father that it won’t ever happen again for it only happened once, and that’s all.