Don’t Be A Kid-Adult

I have seen most people on TV (but not all of them) do the wrong things. This is what I view from those kid-adults. From these people you are very limited of enjoying anything you want, and taking things seriously. Some grown people have made a mess of everything, and will continue to do so. If you are seeing sports, then you will realize this. I think entertainment is to be enjoyed, and not to be fixed. When some kid-adults say they are grown adults I don’t believe it for a second. You shouldn’t also. But, if illegal things happen we still have to live happy and positive (even if the results are very bad). Most people should be able to treat us as adults, even if some don’t like us. Hey, tough break we are going to stay here forever, so get used to it. We are happy and optimistic, but the other people we know are having temper-tantrums. They are old enough to know they should get along with all kinds of people. I don’t see anything wrong here where I live, and in the nation. So, what’s the problem? Some kid-adults are the problems. Don’t listen to these people, because God is offering you better things. Jesus Christ and God will always be with you.

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