Treat Us Nice, We’ll Return The Favor!

What we want is to be treated nice, and be respected. If you do this for us, then we’ll return the favor. Once a person is treated nice and with the same respect as would you things start to be great. I think this is very important for us all. We return the favor if you treat us nice. We never forget nice people. Do something nice for a person that you’ll love the most. If you treat us mean, then you’ll be treated that way, and that’s what you are. Most people see others being nice to others, and think they can get along with them. If they see someone not nice, then they would rather avoid that person. Being nice, and acting nice is easy to do. Some people don’t think that it is easy, but rather difficult. It is easy. You just have to mean that you are a good person, respect others, and is nice to others. This isn’t difficult for anyone at any age. Once a person changes to a good one, then all what they thought of you starts to erase in their minds. Take time to consider to respect your friends things, and ideas. If you act mean towards us, then we’ll return the favor by acting mean to you, as well. The simplest way to do is to get along with all people, then people will think you’re charismatic, and a good person. Don’t fall into mischief.

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