Readings For My Amusement

I love to read about astronomy, true crime, and fiction novels. The most I read also is how to improve my writing. I love finding out about empty space. All the pictures of the cosmos are so beautiful. You see supernovas, clusters, stars, but you can’t see atoms. It is interesting to read about atoms, though. I think I know about atoms. I think of me knowing it is half of its information. The great thing is I love to grasp the full information of astronomy.

I am interested in the way the FBI solves the true crimes. I know it isn’t pleasant to see these criminals kill people. I think they do if for a reason, but it is for the wrong reasons. They have tremendous conflict between most innocent victims. I think it is not so easy of to why they kill the victims. Some people think that they do it, because they’re evil, but it goes way beyond that.

My favorite autobiography is Moonwalk by Michael Jackson. Even if he doesn’t tell the whole truths to his story. It is in fact a fascinating and interesting read. Now they have more books of this particular singer. Now if I were you I wouldn’t buy all the books that is ever written about Michael Jackson, but if you want then do so. What I mean is that there are other things to read besides all those particular books. For example you can read The Maze Runner novels. It is just an example.

For me I love reading about celebrities’ lives. But, I choose a few in particular.

I still read astronomy. And I still read true crime novels. In fact I love reading fiction love stories. Any books you can get your hands on that you like read them. it is not necessarily to buy all of them. You can read them in the bookstore and buy a cup of coffee to accompany you.


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