Today on March 17, 2015

Right now I am calm after finishing taking some stuff out of my closet. Now my closet is clean. These days were calmer. I now take on walking everyday with my Dad following the late hours to lift weights and doing much abdominals. I also help my Dad with his architecture work. I don’t eat much anymore like I used to. The things I am only interested at is reading, and watching sports. The novel Path of the Assassin, I am almost finished with it. My time isn’t very open, and have still classes to attend to in online writing courses. After I am done with my three years left in online writing school I will decide to study again my class materials after I graduate from them. I feel like I can grasp much information from true crime and history. My research has gotten better. I have better communication skills when I took a research online class before. When I stop typing it gives me time to think about things I need to do. I read biography novels like Michael Jackson, Amanda Knox, and about silicon innovators like Steve Jobs. For me Michael Jackson is interesting, because he’s been through a lot. And so has Charlie Chaplin. I saw Chaplin’s autobiography movie in the 90’s and now know that his life was a troubled one. There would be no great comedy, if Charlie Chaplin didn’t have existed. He is a true comic Icon in the world of comedy. The world is full of Icons, which is great to hear. We can follow in their footsteps to reach at that point. I follow in the professional writers’ footsteps like Stephen King.


A Ghost in Your Presence

Ghosts come and go from time to time. We don’t see them most of the time, but we feel their presences. Did it happen to you when someone died you’ve felt that s/he is still alive? Most of us have felt that. There are many examples of it. You can make the case for Michael Jackson. He died, but we felt as if he is still somewhat alive. Once some of your relatives have died you have felt that they are still alive. The presences in ghosts are strong. I don’t know why this happens, but it does. I don’t mean to creep you out, but it feels this way. All we can do is remember those happy memories the deceased gave us, once they were living at the time. Ghosts may be here or not, but we can’t see them. Some people have said that they have seen ghosts. Elvis Presley for example someone saw him near the bushes at his home, after his death. Most people wouldn’t believe this story. All I am saying it’s alright to talk about ghosts. If you feel that they are still alive, maybe it’s someone who you know that was close to you that has died recently.

Inspirational Song: “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson

In order to make peace with everyone you need to change your life. Man In The Mirror is a song about people who need to change for the good of the world. Michael Jackson has made this song so there will be peace in this world. He talks about all the things that went wrong, and are still going wrong of violence. Half of the fans are making big deals of sports games, and they fight violently against each other. They get arrested because of it. There are countries fighting against each other, and they won’t ever stop fighting. People need to change. Kids have their innocence’s, and they easily cry when their parents have nasty fights. In order to have peace in this world look at yourself in the mirror to change your ways. Don’t make a big deal about anything. When you’re given good advice follow it. Who cares if some sports fans are acting like jerks. Ignore them. You’re better than them. Treat sports as entertainment, and nothing personal. The song tells you to stop your evil ways, because if you don’t you’ll start hurting many innocent people violently. You will end up in jail for the rest of your life, because of it. Think of something good like singers, actors, and writers you might like the most to get your mind off violence. Walk away from violent problems you have to avoid. Michael Jackson has made it clear that you need to enjoy life, and this is what I want for all of you, as well. If you are scared, and confused about life, listen to Man In The Mirror, and make a difference in your life peacefully. Change. Stop the worrying, and live life. There are friends, and families to talk friendly to. So make the best of it. For example if you like rap, and Hip-hop like I do, than great. Anything entertaining to get the negatives off your mind is better. You need to enjoy life to the fullest. This song tells you to love people who care about you, and love them back. Especially change for good. Start with yourself. Make a change.

About Michael Jackson

The platinum record for Michael Jackson's Thri...

The platinum record for Michael Jackson’s Thriller album on display at the Hard Rock Café, Hollywood in Universal City, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michael Jackson dancing with the living dead.

Michael Jackson dancing with the living dead. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The most beloved celebrity of all-time. He had a troubled life, but he made himself a superstar singing legend. He was also the most controversial figure in entertainment history. He started with his four brothers naming the group The Jackson 5. He began singing at the age of ten. He was a humanitarian by giving back to the community, and the world. The group has had major successful number #1 hits like I’ll Be There, Dancing Machine, and Ben. He and his brothers never retreated from the group, but Michael made a solo singing career. His first solo album is “Off The Wall”, which he was disappointed of winning only one Grammy at the Grammies. He wanted to prove to people that he can become the best singer entertainer on the planet. When he came out with the album “Thriller” it became the number 1 sold out album of all-time. From then on he went to make more successful hit albums, but none came close to the most all-time successful “Thriller” album. He went on to come out with more albums of his greatest hits collections. The last time he went to make an album it was the album “Invincible” coming out in public in 2001. Later he went on a hiatus since 2001 by not appearing live on shows, and no albums. He went on to win many awards at many award shows from him being a little boy to a man. He won an Oscar for best song called Ben by the same name of the movie at the Academy Awards. The last time he appeared live at the audience was when he announced that he’s going to do the “This Is It” Tour worldwide. When people heard the shocking news worldwide in 2009 that he passed away fans were shocked and mourning him. We will always remember him as a kind loving caring person, and his music will always live on. His legacy will always live on, and he has never left us. We bring him alive by enjoying his music. He is still here with us by spirit.

The Past Tense

Michael Jackson performing The Way You Make Me...

Michael Jackson performing The Way You Make Me Feel in 1988 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Richard Drew is stuck in 1986, and he is married to a beautiful woman called Sara Hollings. He didn’t know what to do, and where to go. His friend before has showed him back in 2013, how to go back in time. He thought completely that he is playing the crazy role, but by attempting it, it worked. He is now back in the 80’s. He knew that Michael Jackson is alive in that time, but he is the only one who knows what happened to the most famous celebrity.People in this decade won’t believe him if he tells Michael’s fans, and they think he will live forever.

Richard is now fine with his life. He has a family now. Something that he never had back in Miami, Fl. on the year of 2013. Suddenly, he wishes to go back to the present, but if he goes back he’ll have the same problems again. In 1986 he has no problems at all, and not even one. In the present time he has many problems.

Sara and her husband goes to many concerts of Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Prince. He is living the ugly life, and he isn’t enjoying it. He wishes to be back to the next millennium, but he can’t. Science won’t let him go back, and he has to face the circumstances by staying in that past time.

They both go to a book convention, and meet professional writers. He had fun that time, because he never met writers before. When he saw the novels of the 80’s they were brand new, and not even touched. His wife had bought several books. She has two novels signed from both novelists, Tom Clancy, and Stephen King.

Richard has a job he hates, and it is manufacturing. He is starting to hate the 80’s. He wishes to not dislike singers, average people, and artists. He started to hate them all, because of the timeline he is stuck in. He can never go back to 2013 from this horrific reality.

Listen To Any Kind Of Music

English: Selena Gomez performing Love You Like...

English: Selena Gomez performing Love You Like A Love Song live on Good Morning America in June (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I always have loved African American music, and used to listen to Rock ‘n’ Roll as well. You can listen to any kind of music you wish, and have any kind of artists you desire. My favorite singers growing up were Michael Jackson, and Mariah Carey. I still hear them, and love them. My favorite song from Michael was “Thriller” which is the biggest hit of all-time. I listen to mostly inspirational songs like “Make It Happen”, “Man In The Mirror”, “Heal The World”, and “There’s Got To Be A Way”. I still have more songs that I still love to listen to. You can have any moods of dancing to it, listening to it, and enjoying it. I followed most of the time Peter Gabriel back in the 80’s, which most of his number 1 hits were awesome. Songs like “Sledgehammer”, “Shock The Monkey”, and “Big Time” I  always used to listen to back then. I love listening to Beyoncé. Music is my inspiration to writing, but sometimes, and not sometimes the sad sobby songs. I still love the sobby songs though. I feel most of the songs are moody in every way. I also followed Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, and Selena Gomez, but that was when I already am an adult. Miley’s songs are uplifting, and still love her past songs, and today’s as well. I love that song “Love Me Like A Love Song” by Selena Gomez. I still hear many old songs, and you can hear any type of songs you may wish. I am not commanding you to do what you want. You just do whatever you may wish, as long as it’s not hurtful. I know some of you have different kinds of music that I would not like, but some of you are like me. We all love to hear music, because it makes us happy. The only thing we want in life is positive stuff, feel happy, and you should have all of those things.

Dalton’s Trip to Ghost World

Cover of the 2-disc keepcase set

Cover of the 2-disc keepcase set (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dalton has crossed to another dimension, which is the ghost world. He sees many ghosts doing the same things humans would do in the real world. The TV was all filled with ghost events. He never knew that there were ghost sports, and the news is reported by ghost reporters.

All the things had the resemblances of ghost things. He saw completely a different country filled with things that can actually be touched and held. It wasn’t a pleasant sight for him to experience, and all the ghosts walking the New York ghost neighborhood looked at him rather odd. They had never seen a thing like him before.

But, they walked by as if it is a normal day. The cars were shaped of ghosts. It’s completely in different images. He didn’t know that things like cars, streets, and the sky could look so ghostly. He is completely stuck in this dimension. He has no alternative but to marry a woman ghost or girl ghost. It is the opposite of planet Earth. Instead this is the ghost planet Earth.

Dalton had to settle for this lifestyle, and he sees that he suddenly has ghost money in his wallet inside his pockets of his ghost pants. Well, this is a curse he can’t get out of, and has to forget about his normal world, because it no longer exist.

Are Ghosts Real?

The '68 Comeback Special produced "one of...

The ’68 Comeback Special produced “one of the most famous images” of Presley.Keogh 2004, p. 263. Taken on June 29, 1968, it was adapted for the cover of Rolling Stone in July 1969.Keogh 2004, p. 263.Rolling Stone 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thinking about ghosts being real is hard to imagine. We tend to see our dead relatives as ghosts, and our parents believe us. They tell us did you greet them, and we would say of course we did. How do we know if ghosts or the paranormal exist? Would it be frightening? In this case Yes and No. We have crossed some days, which we have seen ghost celebrities like Elvis Presley, and Amy Whinehouse. We don’t know for sure if this is true. Most of us believe that this is all an illusion, and that mind tricks us. I have always thought of my deceased family helps me in this dangerous, and safe world any way they can. Most of us say that we protect ourselves all of the time, which this might be the partial truth. Some people imagine that they have seen a person they know that used to be their friend, before the tragic accident happened to him or her. The occult simply believes these things that there are ghosts. I can’t tell you if it is true about ghosts looming around our neighborhood, and other places. All I could tell you is that stranger things have happened out of the impossible. A question comes like this: Have you seen the ghost of Michael Jackson? You would say “Of course not silly!” In this case I am right. The reality of the world is that there are real ghost investigators trying to rid of ghosts in peoples homes, stores, and anywhere else. They may come in two ways they want to haunt us or they want to apologies for all the horrible things they did to us. However, you would look silly talking about ghosts being real in front of skeptics. And believe me there are all skeptics out there. People tackle this theory most of the time. They just simply don’t wish to believe in such rubbish. Want to know what? I don’t know if I could believe it for it is very personal to all of us. However, silly that may sound. You might laugh at all this silly nonsense. But, how do we know whether to believe it or not? I am here to just tell about this theory that it goes in two ways from people’s perspectives.

On The Music Industry

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many singing talents come and go. The music industry was dying, but in 2013 is the year that saved the music industry with old singers, and groups reinventing themselves, and new talents coming in. My favorite all-time singer is Mariah Carey, and she is the reason why music is a power house, which she’s one of the reasons why. Music in this year has no problems being successful, but I don’t have any idea of it going very far, and it could go one of the two ways: strong or weak again. Well, if it stays on course from this year, then it will be saved. This year is saved for now at least. Michael Jackson has saved this industry all of the time. It depends on new singers, and groups to fill the music industry’s shoes that many past singers brought us. I hope it gets better from this year to the next ones. In the 80’s music was a powerhouse, but slowly declined as in second place, but 2013 is the year that has returned back to a powerhouse. It isn’t easy for an industry to go this high, and I think the staff of the industry needs to be credited with this big turn around. However, millions love to hear new and old songs. The next years will become more interesting in this music industry, which is a magical place.