Music Review: Song: “Shake It Off” By Taylor Swift

If you want to forget about the jerks that ruined your life and is still affecting you. Listen to this song called “Shake It Off”. The perfect song for anyone who got you under their skin. It tells you completely about the mean things bad people have done to you. Just simply shake it off and forget it. This song is entertaining this way. You could hear it and have fun with it, while you forget about your past troubled lives you’ve had before, and simply laugh about it. If you can’t forget about the trickery from the dirty cheats of the world listen to this song, so you can completely erase those awful feelings, and leave the jerks in the dust. A perfect cure for the day to live happy without creating any problems. Shake off the negative pasts in this song.


Music Review: Queen’s: I’m Going Slightly Mad

I love this music video and its song is uniquely original. It start with Freddy Mercury dressed as a crazed fanatic. He makes lunacy crazy moves. It will go mad at you in ways you’ve never imagined. He sits near a couch with the entire Queen band, but they move away slightly from the singer. It was filmed in black & white. It is funny and humoristic at the same time. You’ll get laughs from it. It has different kinds of scenes that will make you think are completely nuts. If you want to go crazy, then this is the video to do it, but don’t over do it. I like all his loony moves and the way he expresses is insane. The song I’m Going Slightly Mad will satisfy you, because it is Queen at its best!

Patsy Cline (1932-1963)

Virginia Patterson Hensley famously known as the stage name Patsy Cline, born on September 8, 1932, was an American country music singer. In the early 1960’s Nashville sound she successfully “crossed over” to pop music. Her most famous song of her career is “Crazy”, which country singer Willie Nelson wrote. Her song is now an instant classic. In March 5, 1963, she died at the age of 30 in a multiple fatality crash of her private plane. Before, her death she helped pave the way for women as headline performers in the country music genre. In her first marriage she gained no children, but in her second marriage she gained two children (Julie Dick, Randy Dick). She has sold millions of records since her fatal death. She won awards, and accolades, leading to view her as an icon in the level of Jim Reeves, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley. Books, movies, documentaries, articles, and stage plays document her life and career. R.I.P. Patsy Cline.

On The Music Industry

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many singing talents come and go. The music industry was dying, but in 2013 is the year that saved the music industry with old singers, and groups reinventing themselves, and new talents coming in. My favorite all-time singerĀ is Mariah Carey, and she is the reason why music is a power house, which she’s one of the reasons why. Music in this year has no problems being successful, but I don’t have any idea of it going very far, and it could go one of the two ways: strong or weak again. Well, if it stays on course from this year, then it will be saved. This year is saved for now at least. Michael Jackson has saved this industry all of the time. It depends on new singers, and groups to fill the music industry’s shoes that many past singers brought us. I hope it gets better from this year to the next ones. In the 80’s music was a powerhouse, but slowly declined as in second place, but 2013 is the year that has returned back to a powerhouse. It isn’t easy for an industry to go this high, and I think the staff of the industry needs to be credited with this big turn around. However, millions love to hear new and old songs. The next years will become more interesting in this music industry, which is a magical place.