Today on March 17, 2015

Right now I am calm after finishing taking some stuff out of my closet. Now my closet is clean. These days were calmer. I now take on walking everyday with my Dad following the late hours to lift weights and doing much abdominals. I also help my Dad with his architecture work. I don’t eat much anymore like I used to. The things I am only interested at is reading, and watching sports. The novel Path of the Assassin, I am almost finished with it. My time isn’t very open, and have still classes to attend to in online writing courses. After I am done with my three years left in online writing school I will decide to study again my class materials after I graduate from them. I feel like I can grasp much information from true crime and history. My research has gotten better. I have better communication skills when I took a research online class before. When I stop typing it gives me time to think about things I need to do. I read biography novels like Michael Jackson, Amanda Knox, and about silicon innovators like Steve Jobs. For me Michael Jackson is interesting, because he’s been through a lot. And so has Charlie Chaplin. I saw Chaplin’s autobiography movie in the 90’s and now know that his life was a troubled one. There would be no great comedy, if Charlie Chaplin didn’t have existed. He is a true comic Icon in the world of comedy. The world is full of Icons, which is great to hear. We can follow in their footsteps to reach at that point. I follow in the professional writers’ footsteps like Stephen King.