Do Ghosts Help Change Our Lives well?

I think that ghosts are a real part of the reasons of why your life is better, and well. They care about us humans. When they see us acting out negative they want to change it into a positive. I know you might think that ghosts changing your life might be crazy, but they probably are of why your life is socially well. Even if you don’t see them they do us favors, by letting some people become our friends. I think it has happened before, and they sometimes give you favors in life. It is strange and crazy, but they help out of our own problems. Ghosts do know who the jerks are, and know how to handle them. Have you realized that you’re not procrastinating anymore? Yes, you do! They are the reason you aren’t doing it anymore. Sometimes or most of the time they make you be more alert, and react better. Ghosts do help out in your situations. Another thing is that they help you get a job that is more suitable for you. They let you think normal, and they want you to do your chores in your home. This means you need to do your chores yourself. I know all this sounds silly, but this is probably the reason you are much decent, and nicer.


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