Treat Your Life With Dignity And Respect

Most of us have seen many people throw their lives down the toilet. Many celebrities took their own lives, because of personal reasons. I think by saving your own life you should realize, that you can make yourself happy again. Not all people are good and nice like some of us are. We have to let other people’s problems go on as it is, because it’s not our problems. It’s theirs. Of course, we care about all good people, but we need to but out. I have seen many shocking things that went on not only to important people, but to average decent people that didn’t mean any harm. You should treat your life with dignity and respect. Don’t let evil, and bad people push all over you. I don’t care who they are. Make a stand, and protect your life. When I see someone trying to make problems with me, I just walk away. The most important thing is from most problems is to walk away. When you do this it becomes that person’s problem, and it’s not yours anymore. It brings you a lot of sigh of relief. Some people don’t see life clearly, and think in their own perspective of life for what it should be. This shouldn’t be how life should be viewed by someone else’s stupid rules. We have rules to live by, our freedoms, and they should be respected. Life is what you make of it, not by people of how they view it. People’s likes, and votes should be respected. Don’t bash people, the things that they go for, and who they go out with. If you do this, then you’ve got a major problem, even if you don’t think it’s your problem. It actually is. Life is life. God is love and respect. Anyway this is my 200th post, and I am speaking from the heart. Peace. Love. Freedom. Smiles, and happy faces!!!



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