Ghosts Feel Your Pain

If you think ghosts don’t care about your feelings, then you’re wrong. They do care, and they can change your life the positive way. I feel that if you cross around the right ghosts, then there is going to be no problems. Some good people cause problems to some good people, and those affected don’t know why. I feel that this is wrong to reject people, but it is what it is. I have felt that rejection stings the hardest pain, and I understand that it does to you too. I feel your pain. We can’t do nothing about it, but we need to have positive attitudes, and this is where ghosts come along to help you. They try to cheer you up, and go into people’s dreams who have rejected you to accept you again. I know it seems that no one wants your company, but I have been there, and am still there. I don’t give up, and so shouldn’t you. Ghosts carry messages in your mind to tell us that there is still hope. And if those who rejected you like it happened to me, then perhaps, they’ll feel much harder pain then you’ve had. This is a world where there is much trickery. Don’t be fooled by the way people think about you, these ghosts tell you that. Some people reject you out of jealousy of what you already have. Ghosts sometimes go into people’s dreams and change their minds to take you back. I know this sounds silly, but it’s true. The smart person is the one who never loses hope of anything. I have done things that I shouldn’t have done, and paid the penalty. Many ghosts will tell you the same story. Ghosts into you to fight back, and make up with people. It will take days for that to happen, but you must have patience. Ghosts are specialists in helping, and treating people to feel well again. The rejection of pain comes when you have accepted it, and you need to change like I am doing. Any ghost would tell you that.


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