I Hope You’re Enjoying the rest of the Year!!!

Hi, friends! I am enjoying the rest of the year. As should you all! The year is almost gone. There is no reason to mope around this year. There are most things to be happy for. I am almost done with my classes. I have like 2 or 3 years left to go to online classes. I am watching the women’s world cup this month. I am also watching UFC fighting. I like how Cain Velasquez fights. He’s awesome! However, Uriba Faber fights pretty good. I still haven’t seen Rhonda Rousey fight yet. My mind is mostly on writing. I took a walk today with my dad. I expect for most of you all to be happy and pick up on something to be happy about. Preoccupy yourself more this year. There is no reason for most of you to be depressed, which I am not. I don’t let negativity run me over. So, stay positive this year and it goes for your life as well.

Cemetery Tours 3: Official Release Date and Title Reveal

Buy the third novel in the Cemetery Tours saga by my friend the talented Jackie Smith. You won’t regret it! It’s a great and awesome read! You will love it and want to read it again! The novel After Death will satisfy your reading pleasure!

A Platform of Sorts

Hi, friends!  This is going to be a short post because it’s late and I still have a lot to do tonight, but I wanted to OFFICIALLY announce that the third installment in the Cemetery Tours series, AFTER DEATH, will be available on Kindle and in paperback on OCTOBER 6!


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June 21, 2015

I am watching women’s soccer all day and night. The first match was exciting between England v. Norway. England won. Both teams are really good. Now I will watch the next one, and will root for U.S. women’s soccer team. I have worked with my dad at the computer, and pick up the architecture plans at the copy center. I listened to music to calm down. This was a very good day for me, because I get to think about things. I will sign off this post for now. See you friends later on.

Sasha Advised the Boogeyman

Dear parents,

Hi, mom and dad. I hanged out with the boogeyman, but it wasn’t easy. I saw him at night walking around in public. He wanted to kill people and even me. I told him not to kill anybody including me. He followed my advice. Instead, we went out to do fun activities. I invited him to the movies. We saw the new movie reboot of Poltergeist. We loved it. When we walked out of the theater he keeps telling me scenes of the movie. We cracked up when he was explaining about it. After that we went to dinner, and I told him that he has to have good manners. I taught him about friendship and love. He got the idea. We walked out of the restaurant and went to my home. My parents loved my friend the boogeyman, and they told him not to kill them either. He understood. Me and my parents have a loving relationship with him. He understood that murdering people is bad voodoo. Instead he went out with us, or with his friends. I am glad I am friends with him. My name is Sasha Stelling and this is my story.

Yours Sincerely,

Sasha Stelling

June 20, 2015

My dad and me have picked up my mom at the airport. She was so happy to see us both. The airport was packed. Before I went to a coffee shop to buy a coffee latte at the airport. I was watching the soccer match between Germany v. Sweden. So, far Germany is winning the game 2-0. Today it looked like a day where I haven’t done anything, but think on stuff. I see that crocodiles are dangerous, and watch from the view of the experts. Wolves don’t want to stare you in the eye, but dogs do stare you through it as a caring hug. The stuff is the writing I want done. I have not been able yet to write a novel. But, am not concerned, or worried about it. I want to give importance on WordPress and my blog. It is giving me much success. In my mind I am growing rapidly as a writer. In terms of its writing craft I have most of it in my mind. In order for me to write a horror novel I need to have a real good nightmare. This works and I know it does. I know it sounds harsh, but it gets the job done. In fact I don’t intend to write nightmares, but make up stuff. I am not fond of the TV most of the time. I am fond of reading, writing, and going out. So many infamous criminals have disobeyed the law, but am mostly interested of their illegal wrongdoings. It helps me to write more macabre.

June 19, 2015

I don’t watch much TV anymore, but this is better. The reason I am saying that I should read more. I walk around the neighborhood most often. I am almost finished with the novel Gray Mountain. I love that novel. I also am reading Personal by Lee Childs. I didn’t read writing reference books today, but only saw one episode of Suits. I am still on the first season. It is night now. I was listening to Hip-hop music in my room. Right now my stance is by taking it easy. it is great that I read and write most often then watching TV. I am interested in the crime novels I am reading as of this moment. Earlier my dad went to the City of Miami and I waited inside the car. I was working on the computer helping dad with the architecture work. I still work with my brother with the t-shirt business. It seems I have everything fine. Now I will lay back and read, or watch some TV.

Stephen Curry (1988-Present)

Stephen Curry is an American professional basketball player. He plays for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA, and is one of the greatest shooters in NBA history. He plays the point guard position. He is the regular season Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the 2014-15, NBA regular season, and a two-time NBA All-Star. He is son of a former NBA player Dell Curry. He is a member of the Golden State Warriors basketball team that won the NBA Championship in the 2015 NBA Finals. It is their 4th NBA Championship in NBA team franchise history. He set the NBA record for three-pointers (272) made in a regular season, during the 2012-13 season. In the 2015 NBA Finals this is the Golden State Warriors’ first championship since 1975. Before, he played for Davidson in college basketball, and was named two times Southern Conference Player of the Year with the team in the NCAA Men’s college basketball.

Darth Vader was Misunderstood

A huge number of fans still love the legacy of Star Wars. I think one fiction character we do pay much attention is Darth Vader. He is the greatest villain of our time. Otherwise, he is misunderstood. Least to say he misunderstood his siblings and the world around him. In fact who did make him this way? My best answer is Chancellor Palpatine who later becomes the Emperor. Darth Vader was once Anakin Skywalker who was an innocent little boy, which became the figure we hated him before in his adulthood. However, Darth jumped to too many conclusions of his family, friends, and the universe. He thought he had everything figured out. The rebellion had to convince him that he is making the galaxy into an evil place. The whole landscape of the galaxy looked complex because of the Emperor’s ruling. Darth Vader did know about love and compassion, but was afraid to show it and use it for good. Instead he used it for evil deeds. In his right mind he though he was doing the right thing, and that the Emperor was a good guy. It took him at the ending of Return of the Jedi to realize that the Emperor is evil and had to destroy him. In the Star Wars saga this was Darth Vader’s story. Anakin had love from his uncles, and his mom, which she was enslaved by the evil sand people. He tried to save the world, but couldn’t save himself from it, until at the very end of his life. He meant to do good and great things, but at the end of his life he did by saving his son’s life, and the galaxy altogether. He is thought as the hero of the franchise George Lucas created.

I am Happy on the Positives of this Mid-Year

So far, there has been no lowly negatives for this year. Everything has been great. I am almost finished with the classes, but have to take two more next year. I will be focused on the upcoming one in the next August of this year. I feel happy and positive. I have most friends now. I don’t have any idea where my level of my craft of writing is, but I think I am an overachiever. It looks that it has improved rapidly. I seem to understand most of it, but not all of it. It isn’t a 100% yet, and nowhere close to it, but am close to achieving writing more pages of stories. The one thing I am happy about is that I haven’t gotten writer’s block, but did some of the time. I think it is somewhere in advanced intermediate. The next year will be the most fun, because it is about how to write as a professional in two classes. I am so excited, and excited for the next class this year. I have watched the Women’s World Cup, and will watch U.S. soccer women’s world cup match until next Monday. Most definitely, am a writer. I saw a show about how dogs do smart things. In this episode they showed that dogs can care for their owners. It’s incredible how they can sense how we feel and they comfort us. They also know where the food is hidden in under one of the two cups. My idea is I want to return to see crime shows and the other ones I have missed watching. I will catch up on Suits, Orphan Black, and The Blacklist.

Leave the Past Behind and Make Amends (regardless of how painful your past was)

I can understand that some of you are withholding the painful pasts most on us that we have caused upon you. I think it is time to leave them behind and make amends with most of us. Keeping such a memory of how we were and reflecting it on us is sometimes bad. We shouldn’t blame some other nice people, just because of the cause they did on you years ago. It is all in the past. Don’t hold a grudge on most of us. It already happened. I think there is no reason to keep avoiding most nice people, because of it. What do you get out of it? Nothing, but just negative mood swings your entire lifetime. Even if you think you’re happy, you’re not. The present is all that matters right now. We should live on the optimistic, the happiest, and the positives. If you feel hate on certain nice people remember it’s not on them, but it’s only reflecting on you. They feel rejected, but you feel it more. The world isn’t against you, even if you still feel this way. Most of us are going to feel positive, optimistic, and happy, regardless of your anger or hate towards us. The world will still be healthy. It’s only on you making the events negative for yourself, and not on us. Should you change you need to be happy, forgive nice people, and care for them. Make amends with all your friends and families. You are the only one feeling it and viewing it as your negative windows of perceiving through your view of the world. It’s you making your mind feel sick and betrayed upon you. Most of us have the windows positive and healthy. I think leaving the bad vibes behind is for the best forever.