Sasha Advised the Boogeyman

Dear parents,

Hi, mom and dad. I hanged out with the boogeyman, but it wasn’t easy. I saw him at night walking around in public. He wanted to kill people and even me. I told him not to kill anybody including me. He followed my advice. Instead, we went out to do fun activities. I invited him to the movies. We saw the new movie reboot of Poltergeist. We loved it. When we walked out of the theater he keeps telling me scenes of the movie. We cracked up when he was explaining about it. After that we went to dinner, and I told him that he has to have good manners. I taught him about friendship and love. He got the idea. We walked out of the restaurant and went to my home. My parents loved my friend the boogeyman, and they told him not to kill them either. He understood. Me and my parents have a loving relationship with him. He understood that murdering people is bad voodoo. Instead he went out with us, or with his friends. I am glad I am friends with him. My name is Sasha Stelling and this is my story.

Yours Sincerely,

Sasha Stelling


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