I Hope You’re Enjoying the rest of the Year!!!

Hi, friends! I am enjoying the rest of the year. As should you all! The year is almost gone. There is no reason to mope around this year. There are most things to be happy for. I am almost done with my classes. I have like 2 or 3 years left to go to online classes. I am watching the women’s world cup this month. I am also watching UFC fighting. I like how Cain Velasquez fights. He’s awesome! However, Uriba Faber fights pretty good. I still haven’t seen Rhonda Rousey fight yet. My mind is mostly on writing. I took a walk today with my dad. I expect for most of you all to be happy and pick up on something to be happy about. Preoccupy yourself more this year. There is no reason for most of you to be depressed, which I am not. I don’t let negativity run me over. So, stay positive this year and it goes for your life as well.

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