Leave the Past Behind and Make Amends (regardless of how painful your past was)

I can understand that some of you are withholding the painful pasts most on us that we have caused upon you. I think it is time to leave them behind and make amends with most of us. Keeping such a memory of how we were and reflecting it on us is sometimes bad. We shouldn’t blame some other nice people, just because of the cause they did on you years ago. It is all in the past. Don’t hold a grudge on most of us. It already happened. I think there is no reason to keep avoiding most nice people, because of it. What do you get out of it? Nothing, but just negative mood swings your entire lifetime. Even if you think you’re happy, you’re not. The present is all that matters right now. We should live on the optimistic, the happiest, and the positives. If you feel hate on certain nice people remember it’s not on them, but it’s only reflecting on you. They feel rejected, but you feel it more. The world isn’t against you, even if you still feel this way. Most of us are going to feel positive, optimistic, and happy, regardless of your anger or hate towards us. The world will still be healthy. It’s only on you making the events negative for yourself, and not on us. Should you change you need to be happy, forgive nice people, and care for them. Make amends with all your friends and families. You are the only one feeling it and viewing it as your negative windows of perceiving through your view of the world. It’s you making your mind feel sick and betrayed upon you. Most of us have the windows positive and healthy. I think leaving the bad vibes behind is for the best forever.


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