Itty Bitty and Mercy…

I just wanted to share two beautiful kittens to the world! 🙂 ❤

Rethinking Life


Picture from:  Pinterest

“The world seems kind of big,” said Itty Bitty.  “I bet we could walk forever and never see the same mouse twice.”

“Well, you’re just a small kitten,” said Mercy, in her most understanding way.  “The world can be a big place, that’s for certain.  But a lot of beings just stay in one place all their lives, so to them, the world is very small.”

“I didn’t know that,” said Itty Bitty, watching a butterfly land on a leaf.

“The thing to remember Itty, is that large and small worlds don’t only exist in miles, they can exist in minds as well.  Small minds are like prisons, locked with thoughts that never change or grow.  Don’t ever think small Itty.  Always keep your mind open and that way, even if you never go much farther than our neighborhood, you will be able to see everything.”


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