My Life Is Happy and Optimistic

Most of us have done mistakes along our lives. I know that I have done some mistakes. We all did. But, I was very young and didn’t know any better. Now as an adult I am happy and optimistic about my life. We all aren’t perfect. My life is imperfect. Right now I am enjoying life. I am at a happy place. I am optimistic of my life and career. I am still studying the English grammar and am confused at all of its structure. I love grammar and writing. I have a passion for both subjects. I have always been a good person. I have been to good schools. I have been to good neighborhoods. I am living my life without bothering anyone. No one should bother anyone, because I think if you do, then you put yourself a curse to all eternity and immortality. It is true.

I am happy that I have picked writing for my career. Before, I didn’t have anything to fall back on. I work at my office. My room is my writing office. I published most of the stuff at my room and in my cell phone. I am always busy. I study grammar also on my cell phone.

I think that I understand the verb tenses. It is a very difficult and tricky language to know. Very difficult to write it. At the beginning I have picked up most of my grammar errors. I learned little by little each year. I still am baffled by it, like most people still are. There are several persons who have mastered it. I think somehow I will master it. If that ever happens. It looks like that would be realized for all eternity and if feels like that. Maybe, In reality I will be very shocked that I have mastered grammar.

I think that I understand grammar. But, at other times it still baffles me. Other times it doesn’t. Who knows? But, I really do love English grammar. It is all hard work.

Anyway, my life is optimistic. I feel that I am on the top. But, I am happy. I am happy with the grammar and writing results. I am at a good place.

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