Movie Review: Finding Neverland

When I saw the movie Finding Neverland in Netflix. I was surprised by how the creator of Peter Pan was normal. I never knew about his life before. I love this movie. J.M. Barrie created the children’s novel Peter Pan by his real life situations. His characters were named by some real people he was close to. I didn’t know also that he was a playwright. His first play has failed, and was in trouble of failing again. This is about the life of J.M. Barrie. His last play (Peter Pan) was a huge success. Throughout his life he was a good husband to his wife, and a good father to his children. I never knew that he had skeptics who believed that Peter Pan was going to be a failure before the play. In fact it didn’t. The play was love by millions of fans when the actors first acted out in the theater. He once said that for Peter Pan to never grow up. Peter Pan has to believe that he will always be a boy and to never grow to an adult. This was Peter Pan’s magic wish. J.M. Barrie had a female friend who was sick who she had a son named Peter. Peter was Barrie’s inspiration that he gave the protagonist’s name of Peter, but Pan the last name was all made up all by the author. I give this movie a thumbs up!


Peter Pan’s Resurrection (sequel to Peter Pan Is Old Now)

Disney's Peter with the Lost Boys

Disney’s Peter with the Lost Boys (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peter Pan is starting to have fun fighting against Captain Hook. He saw the lost boys and his friends tied to the ship’s flag pole. Peter went flying to his friends and sliced the ropes with his sword. Wendy and her brothers ran to escape Captain Hook. But Smee saw them and grabbed Wendy.

“I’ll take your Wendy!” shouted Smee.

“Good Smee! Leave this to me!” Captain Hook responded

Wendy hit Smee with both her elbows back to his stomach hard, and he felt the pain, as she ran away from him. Peter didn’t look so happy.

“Peter cheer up! You’re in Neverland for Christ’s sake!” Wendy said.

“No, this isn’t Neverland.” Peter said sadly.

“But, Peter aren’t you happy?” Jesus Christ asked.

“The truth is…the truth is…” Peter stuttered

“You’re not happy.” Jesus said.

“Yes, I bet you could say that,” cried Peter.

Then you won’t be.” Jesus said.

“I wish there was something you could do for me as a favor, and this was the reason I never wanted to get old.” Peter said.

“Than I’ll do this one favor from God and me, even if it is breaking the rules of mother nature.” said Jesus.

“My wish is to come back live at the real Neverland.” said Peter.

God closed Peter Pan’s eyes and Jesus took him to the real Neverland. Jesus went back to Heaven, and left Peter with his friends at his home. God and Jesus turned him to a kid boy. When he opened his eyes all his friends and the lost boys were all looking at him in camp. Peter Pan was no longer old and now is a kid boy forever.

“Don’t you think this is Neverland?” John asked.

“Don’t be silly John he’s having his forgetfulness,” said Wendy.

Huh? Oh, yeah that!” Peter answered.

The lost boys were laughing at him as if it’s part of the playfulness. Wendy and her brothers with Peter were laughing hysterically.

“When are we going to fight pirates in pirate ships, Peter? I want to fly and fool around against Captain Hook and his goons all the time!” said Wendy’s little brother.

“Take it easy. Take it easy.” Peter responded.

The next day they all woke up and got out of the cave when Tinker Bell came to warn Peter Pan that Hook and his goons were coming to get rid of him once and for all. All his friends and the lost boys were freaked out, and Tinker Bell was flying in circles.

“Okay! Okay! We’ll defeat Captain Hook and for him to never come back to Neverland ever again!” Peter said.

All his friends cheered him on. They flew to Captain Hook’s ship and battled against him and his pirate goons. Peter confronted Captain Hook as he made him climb the pole and Captain Hook fell right to the sea where the crocodile met him. The crocodile smiled at him, opened his mouth and tried to eat him with a huge bite. But, Captain Hook swam away as the crocodile chased him.

The pirates lost in defeat and jumped to sea to join Hook. Peter Pan and his friends took over Captain Hook’s ship. And further on Peter Pan went on to his continuous adventures.