Aliens will show their Displeasure of Most Alien Movies

I don’t think that aliens will be pleased of the action alien movies shown in the Silver Screen and on TV. The reason is that in most alien movies they are shown as the villains. This isn’t any way of showing our respects for them. It makes warning signal signs to us humans. Well, the Silver Screen can do whatever it wants, but if they come here soon. I think it is the worst idea showing these movies like Alien (1979), for example to them. We need to be kind to them, instead of showing our displeasure to them. The main fact is that we fear them, and think that we’ll be in a serious war against them. I don’t think that is most likely. This may be one of the reasons they won’t be coming here anytime yet. If they do, then they’ll explain why they didn’t come here. They don’t want to start a war against us. I think in my view that most humans do think so. I don’t want to start a war against them, and I think they are friendly. Well, there are some that don’t view my viewpoint the same as I do. Now, we can’t hide these alien science fiction movies in any manner. I think that they already know that we have them here on Earth. This might be one of the reasons they probably won’t be coming on our home planet just yet.